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Ban ivory sales in Florida

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We need to end the loopholes allowing illegal ivory to be sold in the United States. With your help, we can get Florida to join the movement to ban the sale of all ivory.

Almost a 100 elephants a day are killed for their ivory. Everything we do to discourage and end the sale of ivory helps to ensure their survival. While the United States enacted a federal ban last year, there are loopholes that easily allow ivory to be sold. Ivory brought in as trophies from sports-hunting, acquired prior to 1976, or a part of an antique, can still legally be sold. New ivory is often disguised as being older, allowing the illegal ivory trade to continue.

The fix is simple: a complete ban on the selling of all ivory. Loopholes would no longer be used to hide the selling of new, illegal ivory. I started this petition to ask the Florida legislature and governor to pass and sign a law banning the sale of all ivory.

Conservationists say Florida, California, and Connecticut are key trading ports. Instituting bans in these states will be critical in stopping the illegal ivory trade in the United States. New York and New Jersey were also on the list, and seeing the need to take action, recently passed ivory bans. It is time we did the same in Florida.

If you care about saving these majestic, intelligent animals, we need your help to make this ban a reality. Whether you live in Florida or not, these bans impact whether or not the African elephant will be around for future generations. If we continue on the current path, they could be extinct in 20 years.

Please join us in calling for the Florida legislature and governor to pass and sign an ivory ban in Florida. The future of the African elephant depends on it.


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