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Florida Prisons-REDUCE 85% TIME SERVED TO 65%-BRING BACK PAROLE!!!!!!!

Florida is broke, and spends way too much on keeping inmates in prison waaaay longer than any other state, yet, crime rate HASNOT DROPPED!!  Florida is the ONLY state without Parole and the ONLY state that forces inmates to do 85% of their sentence as opposed to other states that require inmates to do 65% of their sentence.  The Governor talks about building private prisons, who pays for those?  In the end, we, the tax payers pay for those while government gets a break!!!  There was a proposal to release non-violent offenders, that was shot down, why??  The tax payers are paying to keep these inmates in there.  Most of these inmates need drug counseling, or job training, there is none in prison!!  I know this because my son is in prison, and I had to fight for him to get  a diploma in there and now, no job training available, no classes, nothing to give him any skills for when he does come home.  He had a drug problem, was no angel, but didn't deserve the harsh sentence that he received.  There are more drugs available in prison than on the streets!!!!  Putting him in prison isn't helping anyone.  There should be more alternatives to prison.  Spending money on facilities that help with drug issues and job trainging would be beneficial to everyone.  My son is in prison because of Florida's sentencing guidlines, they don't look at each case individualy.  Our Judicial system is a mess!!!  There were sooooo many mistakes made in my son's case, if Parole where in place, he would be home already!!  If anyone had told me how screwed up our Judicial system is, I wouldn't have believed them, it took first hand dealings with our court system to see what a mess it is!!!!!  My son can't be the only one who shouldn't even be in prison, without a Parole board, to go over sentencing and to make things right, Florida is in trouble.  The court system took a puppy who was misbehaving, a 16 year old boy, and threw him in with a pack of wild dogs!!!!  He is in prison with men who have 3 life sentences!!!  Reducing mandatory time served and bringing back parole does not affect inmates with life sentences, it just helps inmates who shouldn't even be there and inmates who deserve a chance.  Please go to and sign the Barber Ammendment petition, as well as this one.

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