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parole Gary Bennett

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Gary is being represented by the Florida Innocence Project and Centurion Ministires of NJ whose seasoned lawyers all believe in his innocence and he is among a group of men who were all convicted on phony evidence from a doghandler who was proved to be a fraud as well as the testimony of jailhouse snitches who were given reduced sentences for their fraudulent testimony in Brevard County in order to mainatin a high conviction rate. Gary is in poor health at the age of 55 and has been abused so severely by other inmates that he had to ask to be placed in protective custody several times. This led to his record showing he was in confinement but did not expalin it was voluntary so when a parole examiner saw him recentlyhe arbitrarily decided this frail innocent man should spend another 20 yrs in prison on top of the 29 he has already spent which basically equates to a death sentence. We ask that Gary be seen immediately by the parole board and given a chance to spend time with his 83 yo mother who will not survive another 20 yrs while his case is being reviewed in appeals court as well as not being subjected to further abuse by younger gang affiliated inmates trying to extort money from his family.You can read about his case by googling Gary Bennett in the Florida Today newspaper and searching the Florida Innocent Project.

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