Every Second Chance Counts

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In 1997, Romeo Clemons, was arrested for Attempted Armed Carjacking and 1st Degree Murder; in Quincy, Florida, however at his first trial it was ruled a mistrial because a co-defendant perjured on the stand and it was also proven at the time that Mr. Clemons, was not the shooter. As stated by Law, a felony murder charge must have an underlining felony, and in Romeo's case it did  which was the Armed Carjacking charge that was declared Null and Void, because of the mistrial. But yet he was later convicted of both charges, which is known as DOUBLE JEOPARDY. Mr.Clemons, has appealed his case several times and later discovered that his last three appeals were denied by a Judge whom presided over his initial case as a lawyer for one of the co-defendants.

During Romeo Clemons,arrest he was a first time offender and his juvenile record was also clean; so receiving a Life Sentence for a crime that he did not commit is beyond harsh and severe.Romeo Clemons, has currently been in Florida Department of Corrections custody, for 24 years and counting for a crime that he did not commit. And the actual murderer has been released from prison along with the other co-defendants. This case was poorly handled and disregarded because this case needed to be closed immediately. 

Since his last denial he submitted a new appeal which is pending at the District Court of Appeals (DCA), in Tallahassee, Florida.  And it has surpassed its deadline of six months, and there hasn't been any new updates pertaining to the status of his appeal whatsoever. We are enlisting the help of any and everyone who is willing to spread awareness on how the Justice System isn't so just after all. As well as seek help from anyone that could offer legal guidance and or counsel, because Romeo Clemons and his family have reached out to several lawyers and or firms and our requests have fallen upon deaf ears. I am a firm believer that "It takes a Village to Raise a Child", and with this particular case his village failed him because of two things lack of knowledge and resources.  At the end of the day if no one takes care of our Young Black Men the penal system is awaiting the day they become so that they can fill up their cells and this have been proven time and time again.

Please take a stand with me as we seek Justice for Romeo M. Clemons, that was wrongfully convicted and not only are we wanting too have him released but we are seeking Restitution for him as well. Because at the young of 19, he was robbed of his life. We thank you in advance for your words of encouragement, likes, shares and etc.