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Florida Legislature: Spare the squares: Exempt toilet paper and other personal-hygiene necessities (i.e. toothpaste) from state sales tax.


Florida currently has some 249 sales tax exemptions on the books, including for luxury items like Super Bowl tickets, gold bullion in excess of $500 and truffle oil (which is considered a non-taxable grocery item). Yet everyday necessities like toilet paper and toothpaste are taxed. In keeping with the spirit of the grocery exemption (which exempts staples such as milk, bread and eggs along with high-end items like stone crabs and junk food like potato chips), the Florida Legislature should change the law to also exempt toilet paper and personal hygiene items. Please don't squeeze the Charmin users. Let's get government out of our commodes. Forget the Tea Party; it's time for the TP Party. It's time for fairness, equity and common sense in Florida sales tax exemptions. 


This petition was delivered to:
  • Chair, Florida Senate subcommittee on taxation and finance
    Dorothy Hukill
  • Vice-chair, Florida Senate subcommittee on taxation and finance
    Jeremy Ring
  • Chair, Florida House subcommittee on taxation and finance
    Ritch Workman
  • Vice-chair,House subcommittee on taxation and finance
    George Moraitis

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