Stop the harm fireworks cause.

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Fireworks cause a number of problems and we need to reconsider whether a short display of pretty lights falling from the sky is worth all the ill-effects of them.

Pets run away frightened, often never to return home, causing shelter workers to chase them in the streets the following days, which causes danger to everyone, shelters become over-loaded, and pets who ran away often die. Horses, donkeys, and other hoofed animals that must remain outside during these horrific shows of fireworks run in fear, not able to see their caretaker trying to help them. This creates not only a danger for the caretakers but the animals themselves. They run blindly into fences, gates, harming themselves even to the point of death

This has to stop. Our selfish human desires are affecting more than our animal companions. People in seniors homes, people with PTSD, wild animals, those suffering from respiratory or anxiety issues, and the environment can all be negatively affected by these "celebrations".

Fireworks contain a variety of chemicals, many of which are toxic to humans. From the gunpowder that fuels their flight to the metallic compounds that create their color. They contain carcinogenic or hormone-disrupting substances that can make its way into soil and water, debris litters to the ground or into the sea, affecting wildlife, and they leave behind smoke that hangs in the sky for quite sometime afterwards, which is inhaled by people and animals. We all know what the city parks and beaches look like after a public forwards event - littered with garbage from attendees. Many tax-payers resent the excessive cost of these brief and pointless displays in their towns, and others are concerned about supporting industries with terrible safety laws for the workers who make them in dangerous working conditions overseas.

We are asking for a ban of fireworks, or at the very least, a consideration for "silent" fireworks (although this does not eliminate the environmental or health damage). 

The Laws on the books in the State of Florida plainly show what the laws are, but no one seems to take heed of them.

We are asking that these laws are put into effect immediately to stop the harm that is being done by the illegal sale of fireworks in Fla, the illegal use of fireworks in Fla. The sheriff depts are inundated with calls frantically begging for help, but to be told there is a gray line between what is illegal and legal.. They should not have to deal with this aggravation as well, let them do what their job entails, and that is to put a stop to illegal behavior.

Here is a company that makes silent fireworks :