Allow Immediate, Emergency, Expedited DNA Testing For Wrongfully Convicted William Thomas Zeigler Jr.

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William Thomas Zeigler Jr. is sitting in a cage on Florida's death row right now for his 40th year. He turned 71 in his cell on July 25, 2016. Due to a horrible " sprint to judgment" by Orange County, Fl. Sheriff's Office, lead detective Don Frye, Tommy Zeigler was wrongfully arrested and charged with the quadruple 1975 Christmas Eve murders. William Thomas Zeigler Jr. along with his wife, mother in law and father in law plus a man named Charlie Mays who was labeled by the prosecution as an innocent customer and by the defense as one of the gang or hired robbers, were all shot and left for dead inside the Zeigler furniture store on Christmas Eve 1975. My client Tommy Zeigler awoke, crawled around and made it to the telephone to call for help. That is when his nightmare got worse. Now the state of Florida will not allow him further DNA testing to prove his innocence and has denied every motion his defense has filed. If you care about the lives of the voiceless, please care about the innocent life of this suffering 70 year old victim and sign his petition. Now we know that it was Mr. Zeigler's brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. who was the mastermind of the murders. Perry Edwards Jr. is the man who hired the gang of killer robbers. Perry Edwards jr.'s mother, father and sister were all killed in the Zeigler store murders. Now we know by his very own admittance that States Investigator Don Frye used Tommy Zeigler's " snake in the grass" brother in law as his confidential informant. Now we know by his own admittance that States Detective Don Frye was fed vicious lies about Tommy Zeigler by his confidential informant. That Detective Frye's confidential informant was Tommy Zeigler's brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. That the lies Perry Jr. told to Detective Frye about Tommy Zeigler, included the lie that Perry jr had proof in a letter that he had in his possession written by Tommy Zeigler's wife, Perry Jr's sister,  Eunice that said Tommy was caught in bed with a man. Detective Frye was told by Perry Edwards Jr. that the letter told about Tommy's involvement  in a  secret homosexual sex ring with 26 other men. Who does such a thing? A snake hiding in plain sight in the grass, that's who. The letter Perry Jr. claimed he had of course was never presented but that did not stop the State of Florida's lead Detective Don Frye from spreading around the lies he was fed about Tommy Zeigler by his confidential informant, claiming it was certainly a strong motive for the murders. Tommy Zeigler was a 30 year old millionaire and a wise business man when he was wrongfully convicted for the murders by the horrible investigation work of the State of Florida's lead Detective on the case Don Frye.  Don Frye refuses to even ponder the idea for one moment that his investigation was anything but magnificent and stellar. Florida States Detective Don Frye refuses to allow himself to even think for one iota of a millisecond that he could have been wrong  in any way about anything. Orange County, Florida Sheriff's Office Detective Don Frye refuses to admit that his flawed investigation, DID in fact steal the life of the real only surviving innocent victim of the heinous 1975 Christmas Eve massacre,  Mr. William Thomas Zeigler Jr. who as you read this is still  sitting in a cage right now suffering for what his brother in law Perry Edwards Jr. did. Please take a moment and sign this petition. Send it to all of your friends. Rise up and demand the immediate exoneration of William Thomas Zeigler Jr. Blessings, Hope, Faith, Freedom, Justice and Exoneration! Please check out Tommy's website after you sign his DNA exoneration petition today. Please copy, paste and  " Like" Tommy's Facebook Page:   

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 We are praying that Judge Reginald Whitehead in Orlando, FL. will grant us our next appeal swiftly so Tommy's innocent life will be saved through the expedited DNA testing he is begging for.


Bless You All,


Lynn-Marie Carty