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Monster Airboats Violate Florida Constitution Massacaring Wildlife and Public Health

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Renegade Airboaters are taking sport in hitting our Florida waterways althroughout the night and twilight hours destroying natural precious and often protected wildlife habitat at sound decibels well beyond the threshold of safe levels. Forget about the sleep deprivation of human inhabitants including families with children along the banks nearly nightly, but consider the endangered birds such as Eagles and Owls who cannot hunt with the sound of rain, let alone the loudest machine ever invented. These Airboats cut paths through destroying nesting areas shining bright lights out to stun animals and take high speed pursuit in then chasing and running them over. Worse is their is no enforcement and Wolf in sheep clothing bills sponsored by the airboat association such as HB 733 require a super majority vote of two counties to be amended. My family with two children have lived on the St. Johns since 2004. We sleep with Windows closed and earplugs by necessity. We took the decibel findings to Tallahassee clearly showing they are way above safe thresholds only to be met by strong-arm and well organized airboat association lobbyists yelling at us to go home and move if we don't like it, that they were their first and that we can't prejudice airboats. They came to our home in parades intimidating us and blowing chairs off our deck. Nobody will stand up to them for fear of being bullied and I myself had to submit. But no longer can I sit by while they destroy the St Johns and starve out animals who rely on sound to hunt while playing barbaric games running animals over blinded by their bright lights they laughingly call frog gigging. It's not sport, it's disgusting and inhumane leaving giant gaps of crushed habitat in the morning. Florida Constitution grants the health and safety of its citizens, the decibels are causing cumulative hearing damage and sleep deprivation is horrible for health. Airboat operators have hearing protection while those boaters and kayaker they pass experience hearing damage and loss. Jet skis are not permitted to navigate at night and it's time airboats are regulated also. I propose that all airboats be restricted to reasonable times and or locations and all are required to be sufficiently sound insulated. Most are still with open pipes and the louder the better they like it. So public understands, take the loudest Harley motorcycle on the streets and add the sound of the blades of a Cessna airplane and motor and put it full Rev at your driveway in your twilight sleep hours and amplified by the water surface. I used to like airboats thinking they didn't chop up manatees, but have learned instead of slicing manatees, they crush them often skinning them alive because they cannot escape below the shallow waterways airboats can navigate. Airboats can navigate and do even on dry ground as can be evidenced in the scars they leave in bird nesting areas where the grass has been squashed along with the nests. It's time to bring the horrors of airboats to the surface, have a discussion, and regulate them for safety, health, and conservation.

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