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Grant Nicholas Rivet clemency

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Nicholas Rivet was convicted of second degree murder on June 5th in Jacksonville, FL. In September he was sentenced to life in prison. The crime was against a two year old boy whose mother and older brother had recently moved in with Nicholas. Nicholas passed two polygraph tests but the detectives didn't consider them because they were done with an independent polygraph expert and the mothers polygraph came back inconclusive. The mother gave numerous accounts of the night and continuously changed her story from the police interview saying she put E to bed. During deposition she said Nick put E to bed and then at trial she said she laid E down and Nick came and offered to put E to bed. Now at this time Nicholas is on the phone with his mom. During the trial the mother BW indirectly confessed on the stand twice by saying "the injuries he sustained when I put him to bed" and "the injuries he sustained when I pulled his pajamas down" referring to the rug burn on his back. BW is known to have abused her kids before this incident and there are many witnesses to this fact. Nicholas has never been known to be violent, raise his voice, he has never spanked his children and has always been loving and caring toward not only his kids but other people's kids. The detective admitted on the stand they never investigated BW. We had a juror that knew BW, a states witness, and two of our witnesses. Nicholas has spent fifteen years in the navy and has never been in trouble with the military or the civilian police. He has received numerous medals and awards for his outstanding conduct in the navy. Nick has a wonderful family and has four wonderful children that miss him very much. We are asking that he be granted clemency based on the fact that he has never been in trouble before, the evidence is circumstantial against him in this case, and the mother has told numerous stories to distance herself from her child that night. We don't the exact way the baby was hurt but we do know for a fact BW was the only one ever alone with E and Nicholas can account for every minute of his time that evening. Please help bring this man that committed his life to his country and his family home where he belongs.

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