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On November 29, 2018 My Brother NATHANIEL PITTS JR. BKA POOKIE, Was Murdered By Cowards. On December 2, 2018 My Niece His Daughter Called Me To Help Clean Out My Brother's Condo. It Was Many People There To Clean It Out, I Was Sending Out Boxes Of Shoes And Clothing To The Car And When We Was Upstairs Cleaning And Throwing Things Away. My Nephew Happen To Find A Small Bag It Contained 3 Small Pills And He Stated (I'm Sell These)... I Snatched Them Out His Hand And Stated (No Your Not I'm Throwing Them Away Because You're Already In Anuff Trouble)... He Said You Right,  I Put The Pills In My Pocket With All The Attention Of Throwing Them Away. (Now Remind You My Brother Was Killed)... My Mind And Everyone Else Minds Not In There Right State Of Mind BecauseOf Our Lost!! I Was And A Friend SUV And So When We All Left, I Went To Put Some Clothes Up For My Brother That's Incarcerated So He'll Have When Released. And I Took Some My Brother Clothing To Our Dad House To Put Up. My Niece Them Dropped Things Off There As Well My Brother And Cousin All Was There. Family And  Friends Also Was There Eating Food And Drinking. My Brother Was Drinking So Much That We Took Th he Bottle In It Was Placed In The SUV I Was Driving Because, I Don't Drink Nor Smoke. Now, I Left My Dad House Around About 11:45P.M. To Stop By Friend House To Get Paper Plates And Napkins And Stuff To Take Around To My Dad House For The Next Day. And As I Was Coming Down Ballard Road And Turned On Marsh Avenue I Noticed A Car Speeding Up Behind Me As I Was On The Phone With Jay, He Told Me I'm Sorry About POOKIE And He Was Heading Out To Work. As Soon As I Turned My Blinker On To Turn On Arlington Avenue Police Officer Had Lights On. On December  3rd, 2018 (I WAS ILLEGALLY PULLED OVER AND BEATEN)... This Officer Luke Walsh, Said He Pulled Me Over Because My Lights Were NOT WORKING In His Police Report! On His Body Cam Video Footage He Stated He Pulled Me Over Because MY LIGHTS WERE ON! This Officer Had No Reason, Nor Rights To Pull Me Over At All... This Officer Violated My Rights And 4th Amendment After  He Just Had Me Sitting There For No Reason And The House I Was Going To I Called Them Out And Let Them Know That I Was Pulled Over By Fort Myers Police And They Came Outside And Watched From The Beginning Of The Whole Thing. I Set There For Over 25 Minutes (YES I WAS AFRAID BECAUSE MY BROTHER WAS KILLED AND ALL THE POLICE KILLING OF INNOCENT BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE)... This Officer Luke Walsh,  Come Back To The SUV And Ask Me To Step Out Of The Vehicle And I Stated I Will, But I'm Locking The Door Because The Vehicle Not Mines. Officer Luke Walsh, Body Cam Show Where He Agreed. So As I Exit The Vehicle After Putting The Window Up Soon As I Was CLOSING THE DOOR OFFICER LUKE WALSH, GRABBED THE DOOR AND SNATCHED IT HARD TOWARD HIM AND PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE FOR NO REASON! And I (NEVER TOUCHED THIS OFFICER LUKE WALSH, NOR ATTEMPTED TO TOUCH THIS OFFICER AT ALL WHATSOEVER)!! Next Thing I Know I Was On The Ground Getting KNEED MULTIPLE TIMES, KICKED, TASERD MULTIPLE TIMES, I WAS BEING CHOKED WHILE HANDCUFFED AND COULDN'T WALK AND MOVED MY WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF MY BODY WAS NUMB. I WAS PUNCHED MULTIPLE TIMES WHILE HANDCUFFED INSIDE BACKSEAT OF THE POLICE CAR BY OFFICER LUKE WALSH,  ALL THIS IS ON VIDEO. And When I Was Taken To The Hospital, It Was A Nurse That Said To Officer Luke Walsh,  (Oh You Again I Told You Don't Be Doing This) As He Smiled. So He Must Be BEATING ON PEOPLE OTHER THAN ME! Witnesses At The Scene Called The Police On The Police Them Qgen They Was BEATING ME UP! And If They Wasn't Out There, I TRULY WOULD BE DEAD RIGHT NOW!! They're Trying To Send Me To Prison Cause Of My  Pass Record That I Done Put Behind Me. I Been CHANGE My Life For The Better So I Can Help Take Care Of My Mother Who's Mental Illness, My Kids And CONTINUE TO HELP FEED THE HOMELESS AND NEEDY AS WELL AS THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS... And I Try Hard To Achieve My Goals Of Building A Family Restaurant In Fort Myers Florida With A Kitchen To Teach All ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS How To COOK For Free. And To Make All This Happen I TRULY Need Your Help World To Have All CHARGES AGAINST ME DROPPED AND DISMISSED AS WELL AS HAVE OFFICER LUKE WALSH AND OFFICER'S INVOLVED IN BEATING ME ARRESTED. PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING THIS PETITION... JUSTICE FOR ONE IS JUSTICE FOR ALL OF US... I DAVID RUFFIN, NEVER THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS I'LL BE BEATEN BY THE POLICE THAT SUPPOSED TO SERVE AND PROTECT US AND OUR COMMUNITY. I LIVE WITH BEING AFRAID TO GO ANYWHERE, AND WHEN I SEE A FORT MYERS POLICE CAR I'M REALLY SCARED... I Been Harassed By Fort Myers Police Officer FEBRUARY Of 2019... HELP ME OR FORWARD TO SOMEONE THAT CAN.... (I DAVID  RUFFIN, WILL TAKE A POLYGRAPH TEST AND OFFICER LUKE WALSH, WON'T)!!