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Enact statewide legislation banning the sale of puppy mill dogs in pet stores.

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The City of Miami Beach and several others have recently entertained a proposal to ban the sale of puppies,kittens and rabbits in a retail setting. All of the following cities have enacted legislation along these same guidelines.

Lake Worth, Florida Enacted February 2011
Flagler Beach, Florida  Chapter 5, Sec. 5-17-f
Coral Gables, Florida Chapter 10, Article 11, Sec. 10-33
Opa-Locka, Florida  Chapter 5, Article 2, Division 2, Sec. 5-35
North Bay Village, Florida Chapter 91, Sec. 91-11
Hallandale Beach, Florida Enacted April 2012;
Margate, Florida Enacted October 2013;
Pinecrest, Florida Enacted October 2013;
Palmetto Bay, Florida Enacted December 2013;
Coconut Creek, Florida Enacted January 2014;
Wellington, Florida Enacted January 2014;
Surfside, Florida Enacted February 2014;
Aventura, Florida Enacted March, 2014;
Wilton Manors, Florida Enacted March 2014;
Greenacres, Florida Enacted April 2014;
North Lauderdale, Florida Enacted April 2014;
Bay Harbor Islands, Florida Enacted April 2014;
Pompano Beach, Florida Enacted May 2014;
Miami Beach, Florida Enacted May 2014; effective January 2015
North Miami Beach, Florida Enacted May 2014;
Dania Beach, Florida Enacted June 2014;
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Enacted July 2014;
Juno Beach, Florida Enacted July 2014;
Bal Harbour Village, FL Enacted May 2014;
Sunny Isles Beach, FL Enacted May 2014;
Cutler Bay, Florida Enacted August 2014;
North Palm Beach, Florida Enacted August 2014;
Hypoluxo, Florida Enacted September 2014;
Jupiter, Florida Enacted October 2014;
Homestead, Florida Enacted October 2014;
Tamarac, Florida Enacted December 2014;
Palm Beach, Florida Enacted January 2015;

Floridians have to be the first to raise their hands against injustices like these. We are not stating that competent, quality breeders should be put out of business- just ban the sale of live animals in pet stores to reduce the demand for animals bred in these deplorable facilities.
We propose that the entire STATE should place a ban on profiting from puppies, kittens and rabbits raised and being bred in mills for the pet trade.
The vast majority of animals sold in retail stores are from puppy mills or mass breeders. One such company is The Hunte Corporation.
They have been supplying dogs to Florida for many years and have been cited for not providing clean water for dogs and for having trenches of dead puppies on their property. Very little (if any) care, thought or good intent is brought to these animals' welfare as they are forced to live in filthy conditions without food, water, veterinary care and socialization simply to procreate for their owners' profit.

Puppy mills are large-scale commercial breeding facilities that mass-produce puppies for sale. Puppy mills commonly house animals in overcrowded, filthy and inhumane conditions with inadequate shelter and care. The puppies that survive these conditions are taken from their mothers for sale as young as 8 weeks of age, when they are susceptible to contagious diseases and very sensitive to behavioral stress. Puppy mills contribute to pet overpopulation by churning out thousands of puppies a year that are often sold to “impulse buyers” and ultimately end up in shelters. Left behind are the hidden victims of puppy mills — the mothers and fathers — referred to by the operators as “breeding stock,” which churn out litter after litter for their entire lives.

All of this continues while there are millions of adoptable, worthy, healthy pups and kittens, dogs rabbits and cats alike that are in need of quality homes preparing for euthanasia in shelters across this country.
We propose that the era of "how much is that doggy in the window" has come to a close. Their suffering needs to stop.

We ask that strict legislation be put in place to prohibit commercially bred animals to be sold in pet stores and allow for the adoption of rescue dogs and cats from shelters and humane societies in these stores.

We also ask that breeders in our state be limited to a number not to exceed 20 of any animals bred for sale at any given time with the exception of guide and other assistance dogs to aid persons with impairments requiring a guide or assistance dog. This will drastically reduce the amount of available dogs flooding the market and make room for healthy pets from shelters and responsible individuals to place their pets with being limited to abandonment and euthanasia

Fines for violating these terms should be hefty enough to deter individuals from making tons of money on the sale of animals and just paying a small slap on the wrist. Only then will the reduction of unwanted pets being killed in shelters every year diminish and give the lives that were put on this earth for us to protect. finally get their opportunity to enjoy life in loving homes, instead of a miserable existence which in most cases results in their death after spend much of their lives on a cold concrete slab.

Every state should prohibit this practice.

The sad fact......Florida is 1 of 15 states that currently has no such laws in place putting a stop to puppy mill sales. 

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