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Have equal budget cuts across the Florida State University System

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The Florida Senate has released the Senate's budget recommendations over the weekend and revealed a disproportionate cut to the University of South Florida (USF) in comparisons to the other state universities.

Of the $400 million recommended to be cut from the entire state university system, $79 million of that, or about 20 percent, would come from USF. The current USF budget from the government is $178 million, which would reduce USF's current budget by 56%.

While needs to cut the budget is understandable, a fair and equal cut amongst the state universities is the best option. 7 out of the 11 State University  system schools will be receiving a cut of 25% or less of their current budget.

I would like to collect 10,000 signatures to send to the Senate office in order to put an end to this budget and/or to redistribute the cuts to the Florida educational system.



From the USF Oracle which contained more information in regards to the budget. USF will have a total net loss of $128 Million from their current budget. $79 Million from the base budget, $25 Million for the transfer of Polytechnic to become a new institution, $18 Million to absorb all the faculty and staff that would more than likely have to be let go, and $6 Million to house the USF College of Pharmacy at USF Tampa campus.

This is a MASSIVE CUT that will not only effect USF but the Tampa Bay region as a whole! This can not be pushed forward.

A list of all the universities and their proposed percental budget cuts are below:
USF: 58.2% , UCF: 34.9% , FIU: 34.3% , FAU 34.7% , UF 25.8% , FSU 22.3% , UWF 16.3% , FAMU 12.8% , UNF 12.1% , New College 11.4% , FGCU 6.6%

Clearly something is wrong here.

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The USF Alumni Association has provided us with a wonderful resource to email your representatives in congress. The following links will direct you to the correct representative and provides you with a pre-written letter as well. I urge you to utilize this link after you sign the petition. Our voices can be heard, all we need to do is speak up.

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