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Petitioning President of the United States and 1 other

Florida Gov. Scott, Dept of Justice, US Congress, Pres. of the US: Reevaluate Florida Sex Offender Laws

We need to immediately review each case of men arrested from Internet Stings which occurred in Adult Based Chat rooms. Men are being imprisoned unjustly without any investigation or consideration of mental state, prior history and or intent. Men praying on children do NOT hang out on adult classified sections to look for children. We need immediate release for men imprisoned wrongly.

Letter to
President of the United States
US Department Of Justice
Reevaluate Florida Sex Offender Laws Regarding Stings taking place in Adult Based Websites

There are currently thousands of men in prison right now because of an arrest made from an internet sting. These internet stings are being conducted in Adult based chat rooms and classified sections on the internet. These unethical arrests are ruing the lives of not only the convicted men themselves, but the lives of their family, friends and society in a whole.

Law enforcement officials are being allowed to enter adult based websites where you are supposed to be 18+ to enter and conducting stings on men who are lonely, depressed or who are on these sites looking for sex. If cases were actually evaluated you would find that most of these men are law abiding citizens with no prior arrests or any indication of interest in children. These men are not a threat to society and are filling our prison systems causing tremendous increases in tax payer spending.

People interested in children do not go onto Adult based websites looking for children. No matter what the law officials say, you do not wake up mid-life and become a child predator. These men are imprisoned regardless of their past history. There is no mandatory evaluation required prior to be imprisoned and important factors are not being taken into consideration.

Immoral words and thoughts are not (or should not be) illegal. Allowing law enforcement to go into an already sexually charged adult websites is unjust. Instead of law enforcement preying on men who are lonely, depressed or looking for sex in an adult environment, they should be spending their time in child based chat rooms, websites and places where children mingle.

Guidelines on stings are not being followed by law enforcement. Remember that once you are labeled a sex offender you are labeled that forever. Since these men are now labeled sex offenders, they are no longer able to find good employment or a place to live. This is creating higher unemployment rates and homeless rates.

Research I conducted on law enforcement websites shows what the characteristics of a sex offender are. These are guidelines that are supposed to be looked at when determining if an accused should be sent to prison. If you were to research the cases in which men were arrested from adult based internet stings, you would find that MOST of these men do not fit this profile and have no indications of being interested in harming a “real” child.

Is most often an adult male.

Is usually married.

Works in a wide range of occupations, from unskilled laborer to corporate executive.

Relates better to children than adults.

Socializes with few adults unless they are pedophiles.

Usually prefers children in a specific age group

Usually prefers either males or females, but may be bi-sexual.

May seek employment or volunteer with programs involving children of the age of his preference.

Pursues children for sexual purposes.

Frequently photographs or collects photographs of his victims, either dressed, nude, or in sexually explicit acts.

Collects child erotica and child-adult pornography.

May possess and furnish narcotics to his victims to lower their inhibitions.

Is usually intelligent enough to recognize that he has a personal problem and understand the severity of it.

May go to great lengths to conceal his illegal activity.

Often rationalizes his illicit activities, emphasizing his positive impact upon the victim and repressing feelings about the harm that he has done.

How is it fair that law officials are supposed to be following certain guidelines and procedures when arresting men who are so called "preying" on children, not doing so and then turning around and arresting them? Law officials are actually giving our country a bad name by making us believe that there are thousands of child predators out there, but when looking at their own guidelines, they would not otherwise be considered a sexual offender.

The fact of the matter is people are quick to judge those accused of crimes against children. Law officials are using this knowledge to their advantage and are trying to look like heroes instead of letting this country know the real facts and statistics. Unless our government takes a stand, these men will never have a fair chance at life.