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Strict Punishment for the 3 Floridian Men Who Lynched a Shark for Fun

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A video surfaced in July showing a shark being pulled behind the speeding boat and battered in the boat's wake. Three men are shown in the video pointing and laughing at the animal.

The video spread on social media sites and quickly drew outrage and a criminal investigation.

The act was dubbed "animal lynching" because of the shark is seen flipping and tossing around. It looks like it’s been roped by the tail, not hooked on a line and accidentally dragged. This was a purposeful evil act.

The 10-second video shows at least three men in the video with smiles on their faces while looking back at the tortured shark. "Look, he's almost already dead," one of the men in the video says, though it's unclear if the shark is alive or dead.

The video garnered thousands of comments within hours from outraged followers, who called on Florida officials and PETA to investigate.

Each is charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty. Two guys each face an additional misdemeanor charge of "illegal method of take."

Lets make sure those guys get punished to the full extent of the law. Animals are not toys to play cruel jokes on. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD.

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