Save a missing child in the most critical moments change the requirements for Amber Alerts

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On May 29, 2016, I came across a Facebook post picture of a 9 year old girl named Diana Alvares that was last seen at home in Fort Myers, Florida at 2 am. She had gone missing and was being posted to the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Facebook page with a request to "share" so the public could help find her. I asked why I hadn't received an Amber Alert for the child and FDLE replied that during their investigation, there was reason to believe that Diana had been abducted. It wasn't until June 2nd, that an Amber Alert was finally issued for Diana Alvares. It was suspected that she was with a person of interest that lived with the family for a brief period of time. Today is June 16th and sadly, the search for Diana Alvares has been called off. The man of interest has been arrested on Federal charges with child pornography/ pictures in his phone that are under investigation. The Amber Alert system failed this child!!! We need to do better than this for our children. The first 48 hours are critical to the safe recovery of a missing child. “99% of abducted children are killed in the first 24 hours” - I would like to propose "Diana's Law" to change the requirements on the Amber Alert System. There is a Missing Child Alert and an Amber Alert- if during an investigation for a missing child, there is any indication of possible abduction, there is no Amber Alert issued. None, just pictures and alerts to websites (such as Facebook) of the missing child that go unseen to many helping eyes. As further information is received, FDLE may decide to upgrade the "missing child alert" to an Amber Alert, but this is not working. Time is critical, please consider changing this system. We need to go directly to Amber Alerts. One missing child is too many!