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Justice for Blue

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Please read the following story. I am seeking justice for our beloved dog, friend, and family member. I am looking for the woman that murdered my dog to be prosecuted.


On September 27, 2017, our dog Blue, was shot at point blank range, twice, in the head. The individual that shot our dog is our neighbor. This individual has not been charged with any crime and, most definitely should be. The property we reside on sits on about an acre and a half of land. The rear of the property backs into a neighboring yard, separated by a fence. The neighbor’s have a very large, seemingly aggressive dog, that has tried digging under our fence and has even created holes in the fencing several times.

On this particular evening, my boyfriend and his coworker were standing outside, near the front of the property-by the house, discussing the work day. My boyfriend had two of our dogs outside playing while he was talking to his friend. The two men heard two gunshots, about 4 seconds apart, coming from the rear of the property. He immediately whistled for the dogs and only one came back. The one that retuned, came from the direction of the rear of the property, where the two properties meet. My boyfriend then ran to the back of the property looking for our missing dog. He traveled through about 15 feet of shrubs in order to get to the fence line where he saw a woman holding a gun. Another individual in the yard was on the phone with 911. Upon arriving to the scene, JSO (Jacksonville Sheriffs Office) did NOT perform a proper investigation. Had they, they would have determined, very clearly, that the individual that was claiming victim, was actually the perpetrator.

Once I got to the scene (I had received a phone call while at work from my daughter’s grandmother), JSO was at the neighbors house, which is actually the street behind ours. There were three responding officers there, one in particular pointed out his “body cam” several times. Once I informed them that I was one of the owners of the dog, I asked where my dog was and I was told he was in the backyard of my neighbor. I noticed several people standing in the driveway along with the supposed victim and their dog. I was told that my dogs (2 of them) were inside of this woman’s yard, attacking her dog. I was told that this lady murdered my dog bc he supposedly bit her. That was it. One officer stated that we were to go back to our property and that the officers would inspect the fencing for any holes. I asked why the officers couldn’t simply inspect the fence from my neighbor’s yard due to the amount of thick brush on our side of the property leading to the fence. It would have been a much simpler, easier, find had they just looked from the yard they were already in. One of the officers stated that it didn’t matter and told me to return to my property, I did. When I got back to the property all three responding officers came as well. This struck me as odd but I was obviously more concerned with retrieving my dog and up to this point, I had been told I was not allowed to. When two of the three officers went to the back of our yard to investigate the fence, they forbid the owner of the property from accompanying them. About fifteen minutes later the officers returned to the front of the yard, stated that they had discovered a hole in the fence, and also stated that I was now able to go back to the neighboring yard and retrieve my dead best friend.

Upon arriving, I once again saw the same group of five or six people standing in the driveway with their dog. The officer with the body cam walked me to the backyard and pointed to the hole in the fence. From where we were standing, in the backyard, facing our yard, this hole was to my far right. But where was my dog? I asked the officer, not caring about the hole at this moment, I wanted my dog back. The officer stated, “He’s over there.” and pointed to the left. My dog’s body was on the complete opposite side of the yard from this hole.

Overwhelmed with emotion (your dog is supposed to greet you with a wagging tail a slobbery kisses), I ran over to where our Blue lie. He was lying against the fence, paws under him, as if he was sleeping. But he wasn’t asleep, he was gone, my Blue was gone. I saw, first hand, the bullet holes in my boy’s head. She shot him twice, once square between the eyes, and the other to his right temple. She murdered him, executed him. JSO didn’t arrest anybody that night. JSO said it was self defense.

Completely disgusted with this, I requested, and received the incident reports from that evening and what I read was appalling. Not only did these people change their stories, twice, even JSO pointed out discrepancies. The report stated my Blue was “known aggressive”, he was not. JSO report stated the injury sustained was a minor abrasion, not even a bite. Upon reading the report, the victim claims that she heard something in her backyard where her dog was and went out to investigate. Supposedly she, at that point, claimed to see two of my dogs “pulling” her dog through a hole in the fence. She stated that she tried pulling her  dog’s collar, while at the fence and was unsuccessful, so ran inside her back porch and got a baseball bat to break up the fight since pulling her dog’s collar didn’t work. She stated that when she returned with the bat (which she stated was located in her screened back porch—screened—see through), that only one dog was in her backyard attacking hers. She stated that she tried to break up the fight using the bat and that my dog supposedly lunged and bit her. She then stated that she pulled out a handgun and shot him twice. She has a neighboring witness (the one who was on the phone with 911) and claims the witness observed the situation before her shooting the gun. This witness stated, initially, that she saw two of my dogs, in her neighbor’s yard, attacking her neighbor’s dog and that one lunged and bit her and she was forced to shoot it. Yet a follow up statement the very next day stated that the victim, who initially stated she had the gun on her, reverts and says it was on the table next to her. The witness now changes her statement and says that she only ever saw one dog attacking her neighbor’s dog, not two on one like she had initially stated. 

One of the biggest issues I have with this is the supposed bite. Number one, Blue was a pit, if he were to actually bite something, someone, he would bite them. This is a large dog, I’d expect to see a pretty substantial mark considering this woman claimed to fear for her life due to the “dog bite”. But Blue never bit anyone, he wasn’t aggressive.  JSO report states that ems treated the “victim” and noted the injury as “minor” with “abrasions and minor bruising”. This didn’t say puncture, this didn’t say bite, this says minor abrasion. How do I even know my dog did that? This woman claimed to pull her dogs collar through a broken metal fence hole. It isn’t possible you scratched your wrist doing that? I didn’t get to see any pictures of this “bite” nor have I received any evidence giving ANY justification for this woman executing my dog.

How did you shoot my dog twice in the head, but yours didn’t sustain any injuries? The report never mentioned any injuries to their dog. Nor did the JSO report disclose any information about this “body cam” that was pointed out to me numerous times that evening.  


I took pictures of the fence the next day. It is VERY evident that this dog was not being pulled through the fence, but rather pulling mine through. There are evident dig marks in the photos and even a few that show previous holes being repaired with chicken wire. I actually met with an investigator with Animal Care and Control and we went to the back of the property. I hadn’t  been all the way back there since taking the photos the following days, it is extremely difficult to accept. However, upon reaching the fence, I noticed my neighbor has installed a large fence. They install a fence to keep their dog from creating holes through it after you have already murdered mine?

There are so many unanswered questions that need addressed and I am desperately seeking justice for my Blue. 

Please sign this petition so that the court systems may see how wrong this is. Sign this petition so the murderer who executed my dog may be prosecuted.

Please help me expose this evident negligence performed by those paid to help the good, and reprimand the bad.   Please help me seek justice for Blue. 



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