Free Michael NOW!!!

Free Michael NOW!!!

June 6, 2017
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Started by Erin Hoensch

From Michael:

Since DeSantis did not agree with the state attorney's request to free me, my only hope of getting released from prison now is if we can convince the Florida Supreme Court to approve the pending proposed amendment to Rule 3.800, Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, which will add subsection (d) to the Rule, which states: UPON STIPULATION OF THE STATE ATTORNEY AND THE DEFENDANT, AND AFTER HEARING WITH PROPER NOTICE TO THE VICTIM, OR VICTIMS NEXT OF KIN, SHOULD THERE BE ANY, THE TRIAL COURT MAY MODIFY OR REDUCE A SENTENCE AT ANY TIME.

If the Court adopts subsection (d), I will be able to file a Rule 3.800(d) Motion, with the state attorney's stipulation, and ask a trial court judge to reduce my sentence to time served, and the judge will be allowed to resentence me to time served and free me from this nightmare, which, as I said above, is not allowed under the current Rules but is desperately needed for cases like mine.

If you would like to help make that happen, you can write a Public Comment letter to the Court as follows: First, you can begin letter with this reference: RE: PUBLIC COMMENT ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO RULE 3.800, Second, you can use this greeting: DEAR HONORABLE JUSTICES OF THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT, third, you can use information available to summarize my case and state attorney's desire to free me and the need for subsection (d) to be adopted, and you can let the Justices know if they do not approve subsection (d) I will have to serve another 18 years in prison for two nonviolent drug offenses even though the state attorney who prosecuted my case agrees I've ''served enough time'' and need to be resentenced to ''time served'' and released from prison immediately, and you can include MY NAME and LEE COUNTY CASE NUMBER 93-CF-002364, then you can mail your Public Comment to: HONORABLE JUSTICES OF THE FLORIDA SUPREME COURT, C/O CLERK OF THE COURT, 500 SOUTH DUVAL STREET, TALLAHASSEE FL 32399-1925, or submit it via

And remember: The more favorable Public Comments the Court receives about the proposed amendment, the better chance they will approve it. Your voice will make a difference, so I hope you write the Justices today. My freedom depends on it.

If you would like to write me about this opinion, you can share your thoughts with me via email by going to, choose Florida Department of Corrections for location, then set up JPay email account and enter my name and DC#717273 as a recipient, then send me an email and I'll reply.

If you need assistance writing Public Comment to Justices or want to help with the campaign:

Call Kristina ''Kricket'' Hodgden at: (239) 580-7899
See Sample Letter/Sign Petition at:
Email Questions/Comments to:

With Hope for a Better Tomorrow,

Michael Edwards, DC# 717273
Liberty Correctional Institution
11064 NW Dempsey Barron Road
Bristol FL 32321-2622

*Please note, the donation button on this petition goes to Change.Org, not Michael Edwards. If you'd like to donate to Michael's Freedom Fund, please click on the link below to send money to Michael's son, Kingsley.$krhedwards

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Signatures: 11,614Next Goal: 15,000
Support now

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