Free Michael NOW!!!

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Michael Edwards is a father, a brother, a son; a good man. He is loved and supported and he has been locked behind bars for 25 years for selling $850 of cocaine back in the 90's to a disgruntled girlfriend. Since my dad has been unable to obtain relief through the courts, his only hope for being released from prison is to convince the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis and two Cabinet members to commute (reduce) his outrageously excessive sentence by way of Florida's Executive Clemency.

Taxpayers have already paid over $600,000 to keep my dad incarcerated since his arrest in 1993. At the current rate, it will cost an additional $640,000 more to keep him imprisoned for the remainder of his 60-year sentence. This will end up being around $1.4 million dollars to incarcerate my dad, a non-violent drug offender, for selling $850 worth of cocaine to support his past addiction.

Don't you agree this is waste of taxpayer's money? And, for what reason? There is no justification for keeping my dad imprisoned for 60 years for three non-violent drug offenses. Please sign this petition so we can submit this to Governor DeSantis and the cabinet in hopes that he will be back with us before Christmas this year.


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