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Ban The Trapping of Opossums for Fur in Florida

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This petition was created by the PPP, or the (O)Possum Protection Program, in September of 2017. Said organization is currently owned by Shannon N. Spran. You can find PPP's in-development website here.

As stated on, this is what is said about the trapping of Virginia opossums throughout the state of Florida: 
"Opossums may be trapped statewide year round. No limits." The website includes the trapping rules of other animals that reside in Florida's diverse ecosystem, such as coyotes.

First off, what is trapping? Trapping is basically using traps to capture an animal, mainly for food or fur. However, we will be focusing on fur trapping, which is a far more futile and violent industry.

As said on The IUCN Red List of Endangered Species: "There are no major threats to this species. Opossums are hunted and trapped for food and fur in certain areas of their range, but the mortality is mostly caused by collision with motor vehicles (Gardner 2005)." There are also no apparent laws protecting opossums. 

Although fur trapping doesn't affect the species significantly, it is unethical and ruthless to use any animal for fur. No animal deserves to die for a fur coat, especially if said fur is supposed to be used for the animal's benefit. Opossums need their fur to stay warm, encase their babies, and protect their bodies. Without fur, opossums can easily die out; this is especially bad since baby opossums usually do not survive. 

This needs to end this year, and it needs to end now.

Enough is enough— We have many alternative ways to look stylish and stay warm without harming our beautiful friends. Please, do the right thing. Who knows where animal rights could be in a few years, if we do not take any action?

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