FAU Students Deserve Discounted Tuition Amid Corona Virus Disruptions

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FAU students pay very high tuition rates totally thousands and thousands per one semester and deserve to have every service available which is covered by this tuition. Amid the corona virus lock down protocol many of these services are no longer being provided or are being provided in a lower quality than expected and payed for. All campus activities, clubs, class meetings, and in person advising / psychological services have been halted for the entire spring semester and possibly summer. Some teachers are no longer teaching and simply providing “notes” of the material online to replace in person lecture. Others are experimenting with online lectures which we are not sure will work and will be lower quality than the in person service we payed for if they do get running. Due to this disruption and lower quality / amount of services provided by the university for spring semester, students enrolled deserve and demand some reimbursement in the form of discounted tuition as credit towards their accounts. If you are a FAU student affected by this pandemic and you are not getting the quality of services that you payed for it is important to share and sign this petition so our president may see it and make a decision. With enough voices we can all get the reimbursement we deserve. Thank you.