Get our sport back

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We have sat in silence for too long. Too many companies have pushed us over and used us for money. They don’t care about us or our opinions. Flocheer comes into our gyms, records us, and uses us for their own profit and gain like we’re nothing but a paycheck to them. Then we get told we cannot record other teams or even our own teams to “protect us” from being used for financial gain. They think we’re ignorant fools. Our own gyms make less money than these companies do. Families are struggling to keep their child in this sport because of how expensive it is. If these companies really cared for us athletes and our parents, coaches and peers, they’d lower the cost. They are aware we are struggling and they sit on their asses and do nothing but play victim. Flocheer makes us pay to watch teams preform that don’t belong to them. Varsity’s new Video Media Policy is nothing but bs. We call bs on their greedy attempts to scam us.

No longer do we have to sit and watch our sport that we’ve worked so hard for, fall apart. We have a voice. We need to stop giving our money to greedy companies and start protesting. Alone we can do so little but together we can achieve greatness. This is our sport, our gyms, our coaches and we don’t have to listen to the voices of the big dog companies that say we need to listen to them.

Personal story
I am a cheerleader and have been a cheerleader for 9 years. I am 15 years old and I know I can’t change this sport alone. I need you guys to help me. We all want the change, let’s get together and make it. I struggle financially with this sport and the fact that these companies are making us pay $$$ for things that should cost $ is absolutely absurd. It ends here.