Save Llaethdy Mynydd Mostyn Dairy

Save Llaethdy Mynydd Mostyn Dairy

10,019 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
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flintshire council (Flintshire County Council)

Why this petition matters

Started by Tehya Williams

With Flintshire Council threatening to close Mynydd Mostyn Dairy, affecting thousands of farmers. Not just locally, nationally. Mynydd Mostyn has not only been a local hit, people come miles to enjoy the fresh and flavoured milk they produce.

Mr and Mrs Jones made headlines in January 2021 with how popular the dairy had become. Later had issues with police threatening people with covid fines later in January. The incident was criticised by Mr and Mrs Jones who said all measures were followed including social distancing.

With a new article from Leader Live, threatening the closure of Mynydd Mostyn Dairy the locals are in uproar. 

‘However, the future of the venture is now in doubt after it was revealed the machines and shed they are held in were put on land which forms part of the Mostyn Hall estate without permission’ 

The couple has fought with planning permission was not required as it was fitting with the wider farm. The officer that attended Mostyn Dairy has made the decision the development shouldn’t be classed as a lawful development. Unfortunately action could be taken against Mr and Mrs Jones.

If this petition manages to reach Flintshire Council there may be a chance to save Mynydd Mostyn. 

You hear the message ‘Support your local farmers’ all the time, why has this changed? 
Local farmers struggle enough as it is without the extra targeting brought by councils. 

Mr and Mrs Jones and their children have all worked extremely hard with making Mynydd Mostyn what it is today. Bringing joy to families and being a lovely spot to relax and grab a milkshake. With a 4.9 star rating on google, 7000 followers on Instagram and over 13,000 followers on their Facebook page. They have made so many people happy and for what? For them to be shut down?

Let’s fight for Mynydd Mostyn Dairy to stay open as part of the extended farm! 

10,019 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!