Flinn Scientific, Inc, please remove negative and derogatory poster from your product line

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 Flinn, Scientific, Inc. is a company which sells educational products and equipment for use in science classrooms at all educational levels. One of the posters that is being offered contains an image of a woman using a white cane, commonly identified with blind persons. The text on the poster reads, "Carol never wore her safety goggles. Now she doesn't need them." 

While the poster is designed to raise awareness of the need for protective eye wear for safety reasons, the underlying message is derogatory and gives a negative connotation concerning blindness. 

The product has undoubtedly been sold to many public schools, museums, and other educational facilities that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures that those with disabilities have the same access as those who are nondisabled. Students who are blind routinely are enrolled in public schools and attend educational programs in many public facilities. While they may use nonvisual strategies for tasks such as measuring and pouring, they participate in the educational programming as fully as other students with eyesight.

On at least two occurrences, a family with a child who is blind has reported finding this poster. One was hanging in a childrens' museum and the other was in a public school. This is very disturbing to families, as they try to educate the broader society that blindness is not the characteristic that should define their child's abilities. 

Flinn Scientific, Inc. needs to remove this poster from their product line, as its message is entirely inappropriate for the educational facilities it is being marketed to. 






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