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FIXED: Tell The U.S. Government We Don't Support Prosecution Or Death Penalty For Bradley Manning!

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      (March 02, 2011) Major news websites in the United States are reporting that PFC Bradley Manning has had 22 charges brought against him, including "aiding an enemy", which is considered a capitol offense here in the United States and Bradley could be subject to the death penalty.

     I grew up believing that you tell the truth no matter what, and if you see something going on you know in your heart is wrong, you stand up for what is right. You stand up for your integrity, your morals, your ethics, and for those who cannot speak for themselves. Stand up for others and in doing so, you will stand up for yourself and what you believe as well. Do what is right and good. Were all the adults who told me that while I grew up wrong? I don't think so. So how can we, as a country--and as a world-wide community--allow this assassination of our morals, our values, our ethical foundations? We cannot allow commom decency, respect for human rights and honesty to be twisted into "treason". We must stand up now to preserve the values in which we believe.

     Many in government and even some citizens of our nation view the actions of PFC Bradley Manning as "treasonous". If corruption, war crimes, lies, greed and excess are what America truly stands for, I cannot say I'm proud to be a citizen of this country. Honesty should be protected, courage should be protected, Bradley Manning should be protected. But instead, what is being protected are unjust murders committed by our troops (although I believe no murder could be justified), corruption, and lies. Is this how far we have fallen? To the point where we would rather protect the war criminals and defend their crimes, than to give our support to the honest and brave man who has revealed to us the truths of our government and military? I thought the purpose of the military was to protect human beings, not lies and murder?

     I can't lower myself to those standards and I hope you won't either. I will NOT defend war criminals and leave those who are honest and true to fend for themselves, when they are denied a voice. I refuse to be silent in regards to this issue. Bradley is being held under inhumane conditions in Quantico, as he has been for about eight months. He cannot speak out for himself, but we all can. While war criminals are free to live their lives as they please here in the United States without prosecution, the government has harshly pursued Bradley Manning for crimes that should not be considered such--atleast not in this case. Telling the truth is not a crime. Neither is having the courage to speak out against the injustices because we know in our hearts, it's wrong. 

      Let's tell the United States government we don't agree with prosecution and possibility of the death penalty for an honest and brave man who risked his own life so that we may know the truth. That is a real hero in my eyes. The fact is: The true and underlying problems are not with Bradley Manning or what he has done: They lie within our government and miltary. Those are the issues that desperately need to be addressed. Those who do not adhere to proper ethics should be the ones under investigation.

     People of the world, if you believe in what's fair and just-if you believe in honesty and truth-please sign the petition in support of Bradley. He should be honored as a hero, and should NOT be held as a prisoner! Please stand up for Bradley today and show your support by signing this petition. Don't let the  United States government send this honorable man to prison or to his death for blowing the whistle on the injustices and corruption within our government and military. We all know in our hearts what is right and what is very wrong, and this is the latter. Let's stand up for honesty, for the truth, for our own morals and for what is right.

 Please, pass this petition or the link to it on to anyone else you know who may like to sign it. We need all the signatures we can get. We have to show the government we do not support their decision in regards to this injustice. Thankyou!

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