Fix The Willow Grove Congestion Crisis

Fix The Willow Grove Congestion Crisis

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It currently take 15 minutes to travel approx. 150 metres by car on Willow Grove during busy times due to the sub-optimal traffic light system at the junction of Willow Grove and Chislehurst High St. This is particularly true during weekday rush hours and weekend lunchtimes.

This is simply NOT acceptable. If you agree, please read below for more detail on our analysis of the situation and possible solutions.

Our aim is to share the outcome of this petition to Bromley & Chislehurst local councillors for action - so the more signatures we get the more likely we are to see change!


Situation / Problem

  • The traffic light system at the junction of Willow Grove and Chislehurst High Street is woefully under-optimised for traffic flow, congestion and air pollution
  • The traffic light priority is in favour of High Street traffic and in favour of Park Road traffic (the 1-way road opposite Willow Grove)
  • The vast majority of traffic exiting Willow Grove turns right onto Chislehurst High St
  • However, the vast majority of traffic from Park Road goes straight onto Willow Grove
  • Therefore, given Park Road traffic has priority when the lights turn green, the traffic in Willow Grove has little chance to advance and is stuck waiting for a chance to turn right.
  • This inevitably leads to significant congestion build-up on Willow Grove - often meaning tailbacks of over 500 metres - towards Willow Vale and often far beyond
  • The entire situation is exacerbated by the additional flow of traffic leaving the Sainsbury's car park (which also primarily turns left and adds to the burden on the junction-in-question)

This situation leads to (in best case scenarios) only a small handful of vehicles being able to exit Willow Grove at any one time. As such, on a daily basis we see monstrous queues on Willow Grove, regularly backing up to Willow Vale (approx 0.3 miles from the junction).

This might not be such an issue if Willow Grove were a MAIN road, but it's not. It's a feeder road, with a significant number of residential homes, which are subject to an outrageous level of traffic, air pollution and noise pollution.


Knock on impacts:

  1. Congestion: Motorists travelling during peak hours are subject to excruciating delays
  2. Public health: local air pollution and air quality severely affected, particularly for those who live on Willow Grove, or those who walk along Willow Grove (such a school children from Redhill Primary School)
  3. Local economy: House price suppression for residents in the area, particularly those who live on or near Willow Grove


About 2 years ago we contacted Bromley council about this issue, and to their credit they investigated and made minor changes to the signal priorities at the junction. However, these changes have since had an almost negligible impact on congestion.



Therefore, please sign this petition if you believe that:

  • This issue is currently unacceptable
  • The issue needs a significant attention and resolution (i.e. we want to see a c. 70% reduction in traffic on Willow Grove)


Proposal: we propose 2 solutions to help combat this problem:

  1. First and foremost, signalling priorities need to be significantly rebalanced to favour traffic exiting Willow Grove. Today, it's common to see between 5 and 7 cars exiting Willow Grove at peak hours. This needs to be increased to around 20 cars.
  2. Secondly, signalling priorities to cars exiting Park Road need to be significantly restricted. Its rare to see more than 2 or 3 cars waiting to exit this road at anytime of day, however they seem to get the highest priority of any traffic flow at this junction. We propose the Park Road traffic lights are held on red every other time Willow Grove turns green.


Thank you for you time an understanding. If you agree with this proposal above please sign this petition and share with your friends, family and neighbours.

Once this petition has reached a critical mass of signatories we will be sharing it with Bromley council for response. We will endeavour to keep you updated on progress and updates.

Many thanks for your kind support!

361 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!