Fix the sinkhole in Broken Cross

Fix the sinkhole in Broken Cross

10 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Since it appeared in September 2021, the sinkhole on Cherryfield Road,  Macclesfield has not only not been repaired but has gotten larger, creating a massive health and safety risk.

It has impacted the local residents, stopping them from using not only the pavement and drop curb but the driveways of their properties. This is a huge problem for the local community due to it being home to a large about of families and elderly residents. It is also a hazard for the local wildlife, as the hole is uncovered, creating a deathtrap. 

After various calls, letters and emails to the local council and MPs, nothing has been done to rectify this pothole, and something needs to be done. Cheshire East  Council has tried to contact Highways but they cannot get an answer from thm. Please sign this petition to raise awareness of this issue, and get it fixed.


This petition made change with 33 supporters!

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