STOP HOMELESSNESS! Stop Aussies being rorted of their deposits, life's savings & homes!

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The special Filthy Rich and Homeless gave a brief insight into what its like on the street. A place where no Australian should be. Many hardworking Australians who scrimp and save for a home have their dreams and lives destroyed thanks to loopholes, liquidations, sunset clauses and certain business practices that rort them of their deposits, life's savings and home that is never realized. This contributes to fewer houses being built and owned each year, a disconnect between population growth and housing numbers and less available rental houses, in short a Housing Crisis. For those Aussies who have lost everything their dream of owning a home has ended, locked into rental or share accommodation for life or Homeless on the street and on the end of a very long wait list for Public Housing. This should not happen in Australia.

And still year after year media tells stories of builders and businesses going into liquidation, developers taking deposits for builds that never eventuate or companies and Directors using Phoenix Activity to avoid debts, contractual commitments, paying Tradies and employees. And at the same time these legal loopholes and Phoenix Activity enable Directors to transfer assets across to a new Company, untouchable. These rorts, loopholes and Phoenix Activity is so prevalent in the Building and Construction Industry in Australia that it prompted the Melbourne University Law School to study it and table a comprehensive document recommending urgent changes to current legislation. This is not to say the vast majority of companies and Builders aren't honest and hard-working. But it is the those that are not that Australians need to be protected from. As it currently stands New Zealand has more stringent protection for home buyers than Australia!  And still nothing is done. It must STOP! Home Ownership in Australia must be achievable and not a Russian Roulette.

I call on the Australian Government ALL parties to act to provide protection to enable the dream of home ownership to become a reality and prevent young families, the elderly and vulnerable being left homeless and on the street.

Please add your voice demanding change to laws so that house buyers, or those making deposits on a purchase or build are protected. Stop unscrupulous businesses, builders, traders or practices that take $$$, whilst buyers are left homeless, without savings, without hope, losing everything when companies liquidate or dissolve

Call for legal powers to be given to Offices of Fair Trading and Consumer protection. Ensure that Licensing bodies for the Building and Construction Industry are empowered to arrange mandatory mediation, increase penalties for those that rort and ensure repeat offenders are struck off permanently not to work within the industry or be a Director of a company. But most importantly establish a national insurance scheme paid for through penalties paid and a % of licensing and ASIC fees for builders and businesses in or allied to the building and construction industry be set up to ensure buyers get their money back. Ensure that those perpetrating these acts be held to account, that closure of a business doesnt mean buyers lose their money, deposits, their lifes savings or home.

Begin a momentum so those that purchase a house or pay for a build, are protected. so Home Ownership can is an achievable reality and this sector contributing to the Housing Crisis in Australia is addressed. The petition will be sent to Prime Minister Hon Scott Morrison MP. Leader of the Opposition Hon Bill Shorten MP