Immediately repair or replace the faulty mobile phone mast in Wrexham town centre

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For a period of more than 12 months now residents of Wrexham have had no access to 3G networks in the town centre despite repeated complaints and numerous empty promises from all the mobile phone networks to fix the problem.

The Nature of the Problem

When in the town centre area of Wrexham, mobile phones on EE, Orange, T-mobile, Three, Vodafone and O2 networks indicate that they have a full and strong 3G signal.  However, any attempt to access the network using the internet browser or internet-enabled apps entirely fail.  This is not a sporadic problem, it is consistent to all phones, on all networks, at all times and has remained so for more than 12 months.

The Usual Response

Complaints to the normal customer service departments of the networks produce no recognisable improvement.  They follow the standard procedure of blaming it on the device rather than the network.  Customers are taken through the same procedure of resetting network settings, restarting their phones etc. This sometimes results in a temporary resolution of the problem, but the problem returns within a couple of hours.

The fact that this problem has been recognised by many residents of Wrexham, on a range of devices and across all networks indicates that this is not a problem with their devices, but rather a problem with the network.

Some Progress

This problem reached epidemic proportions and the local MP Ian Lucas got involved, meeting with EE.  They assured him that the local network was "back up and running."  The protests of many Wrexham residents assured Mr Lucas that it most certainly was not "back up and running" and never had been.

Mr Lucas contacted EE again and met with representatives of the company in London mid-July. He said: "When I met EE, I told them that people in Wreham were paying them for a service and had every right to expect that service. They told me that there is a problem affecting a mast in Central Wrexham which they are working to fix as soon as possible, and that repairs should be made within the next few days."

Broken Promises

Two months have now passed and, despite finally admitting that there is a problem affecting the mast in Central Wrexham, EE (or any of the other affected networks) have made no progress on solving the problem.  Residents of Wrexham are still experiencing the same problems and local businesses are being affected by their inability to use the service they are paying for.


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