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Last week, I participated in an historic event
convened by the Congressional Black Caucus on the 25th Anniversary
of the Sentencing Reform Act.
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, before a
standing-room-only audience of federal judges, public defenders, members
of Congress and formerly incarcerated persons, eloquently and forcefully
advised Congress to fix the broken system of federal mandatory minimum
Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the
forum and called for reform of federal crack cocaine penalties "this
year." He also detailed the priorities
of a new Sentencing and Corrections Working Group charged with creating a
system that:

* protects the public
* is fair to both victims and defendants
* eliminates unwarranted sentencing disparities
* reduces recidivism, and
* controls the federal prison population.
I don't have to tell you that these are principles
The Sentencing Project has been advancing for more than two
decades. We applaud the commitment of the Attorney General and the
Obama Administration to enact these necessary reforms.
I want you to know that The Sentencing Project
will be working to ensure that policymakers have the information and
analysis they need about the impact of criminal justice policies, and
understand that Americans are counting on them to fix the broken system of
justice that has been damaging communities and families for far too long.
We can create criminal justice policies that are
based on facts and evidence about what will improve public safety,
and that will ensure fairness and justice for all.
You can help us continue to fight for a justice system
that's worthy of each and every one of us. Please consider making a secure, online

to The Sentencing Project today.
Thank you for your support.
Marc Mauer
Executive Director
p.s. You can
read my commentary to the Attorney
General's proposals on the University of Pittsburgh School of Law's blog here


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