Fix Dress Code, Not Me

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I am a student at Watertown High School. I want change, and so do a thousand others. I am against the dress code of the shorts and skirts past your fingertips and the off the shoulder shirts. As a teenage girl who desires her style and also wants an education, finding clothes at that length that the school justifies as appropriate is simply impossible. As I am not here to divide boys and girls, but rather to make it clear how the dress code calls out for inequality and divides both genders itself. Instead of wasting ten minutes of my time to call me out and check my length of my pants or to point out how there isn’t material covering my shoulders, let me learn. Soon enough those ten minutes lead to being sent home because who carries extra clothes to school? That leads to attendance flopping. Due to all of the downfalls and inconveniences that dress code has caused, I am asking you today to stop.  Today I am asking you to stop destroying teenage self esteem. Today I am asking you to let me be me. I am asking you to let me be a basic human being, the independent being I will be in two more years because you will not be there to tell me how to dress when I walk out these doors on graduation day. I am here to make a change. You, the staff, the school district, might not like my ask of change, but you are here for the kids. You are here for us. You are here because of us and I’m asking you to stop making us uncomfortable for wanting to be ourselves. Stop dividing two genders because your old dress code does not compare to modern day reality. Fix dress code, not me. 

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