Fiverr, Stop Exploitation of Indian children!


Fiverr, Stop Exploitation of Indian children!

This petition made change with 52,393 supporters!

Tejaswini Divya Naik started this petition to Micha Kaufman (CEO, Fiverr,)

I recently stumbled across a series of very disturbing videos on YouTube.

Each video shows Indian children in a village sitting in front of a blackboard out in the open. They are being taught to say lines in English. The lines vary from video to video.

“Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong”
“Feminism is Cancer”

Soon the lines get obscene.

“I’m not gay, but $20 is $20.”
“I get more a** than a toilet seat.”

The other lines have worse content with filthy words that I won’t repeat. These lines are blatantly racist, sexual and filled with hatred. And the videos feature 8 to 10-year-old Indian children saying these lines.

A ‘tuition teacher’ is charging 5 dollars on Fiverr to make these innocent children say these perverted lines and have their videos put up on the internet.

Sign my petition asking Fiverr to take down these accounts.  

Indian children are on sale for the world to do with as they please. If this disturbs and disgusts you, sign my petition asking Fiverr to take down these accounts immediately.

This tuition teacher is not just making his class children say vulgar things. He is also taking money to write messages on their half-naked bodies and make them dance. Any stranger on the internet with 5 bucks can get a personalised video of these kids doing these disturbing things. 

I asked YouTube to take down the video and they said that they could not find “a violation of their community guidelines”. However, 23,000 signatures later, they terminated the account. Now it is time for Fiverr to do the same. 

Sign and share my petition to ensure Fiverr does not allow these kind of services on their platform. And tell everyone who cares about children. We did it with YouTube and if we do this again together, we can get Fiverr to respond too.

We need to stop this immediately or this twisted trend will spread and become a plague that will expose our country’s children to the world and the internet’s scariest monsters.


This petition made change with 52,393 supporters!