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We the senior class of 2016, and the student body here at Five Towns College, would like to discuss our upcoming graduation ceremony.

It has come to our attention that Five Towns would like to host our graduation ceremony this year, instead of having it take place elsewhere like it has in years past. In theory, this sounds lovely. We’re getting our degrees from Five Towns, so it would be nice to have our ceremony at our school. Unfortunately, our own auditorium is a very small one so in order to have our graduation ceremony at Five Towns; we’d have to allow less people to come watch us graduate.

In the past, graduates were allowed four free tickets, Every student was allowed one free ticket and additional tickets could be paid for any others that they might need. We’ve heard that this year, it would just be two total. That means that a lot of brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles won’t be able to attend our graduation. Or if they do come here, they’d have to sit in our cafeteria and watch the ceremony from a TV screen, which just sounds so unpleasant. In addition There are many seats breaking in the auditorium, only four wheel chair accessible seats and we're being told they can not run live sound into the upbeat. It seems very unfair that the graduation application fee was raised; however, we are paying more to get less.

We believe that we have worked hard for these degrees and that our hard work deserves to be celebrated the way it has been in years past. We want a nice ceremony where we can be surrounded by all of our loved ones who helped support us throughout this journey.

All we ask is that instead of trying to cut corners for graduation ceremony, Five Towns just provides us with the graduation ceremony previous seniors have had. We think it’s only fair that we receive four free tickets and we are more than willing to pay for any extras. We think it’s only fair that our ceremony happens in a larger and much more accommodating auditorium like the one that was used last year and that we had assumed this whole time we’d be using again.

Any changes that would have been made to our graduation ceremony should have been discussed earlier in the year, and not this close to graduation and without any input from us, the ones who are directly affected.

From this petition you'll find signatures from the senior class, as well as underclassmen, and others who are affected by this change in venues. The President and Provost are holding a meeting in the gym to discuss this May's Graduation Ceremony on Thursday April 7th and all are invited. There we can also share letters from those who could not make it to the meeting, so that their voices can also be heard. We hope to see everyone that can make it present. This doesn't only affect this years graduating seniors, but also years to come.

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