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Fitbit: Allow Kids Under The Age 18 To Use Their Fitness App

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Update: Age Restriction Only Noticable On Android Application

Fitbit is a fitness company that started in 2007 in California. They are the makers of electronics built for a Health. More about them Under Fitbit requirements for the use of their services it states that kids 13 and older are allowed to use their services, but if under 18 should review the service agreement with their parents. Why is it that their App is not in line with this policy?

The age restriction to use their app is ridiculous. Staying healthy is a goal for everyone no matter their age. I’m a sophomore in high school and run every single day to promote good health and to stay fit. My family has started using Fitbit Electronics we currently have a smart wifi scale and both my parents have the Fitbit Flex. According to recent research Fitbit is ranked highly and I have also been looking at the Fitbit Flex. Competitors like Nike do not have a restriction on user usability. Now you could lie when it comes to your age but that could possibly lead to inaccurate results in calculation due to the fact that height and weight is asked as well. We now live in a society where one in every three kids is obese and that is just here in The United States. Fitness is not just for a select few it is now a part of our lifestyle. Chicago public schools saw a problem with obesity when it comes to children and it has been mandated for children to have recess. Lunches have become more nutritious and balanced. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation seeks to reverse what they call the childhood obesity epidemic by the year 2015. The American Academy of Pediatrics has created the Childhood Obesity Program. First lady Michelle Obama has created the Lets Move initiative to combat childhood obesity, The NFL, Disney, etc... 
Creating an age restriction gives two impressions, first it turns teenagers like me away from using their products and abandoning fitness, second overlooks the importance of childhood obesity. Today's world is a world where a lot of teens have a Smartphone, a tablet, or some electronic device in their hands. That is an ideal that a company like Fitbit should embrace. A fitness company comes about because they believe that they have a solution to help consumers stay fit. Their products are stylish something kids look for in anything and make it fun to work out and also fun to wear a band that is there to monitor your steps, your sleep, your weight change, etc.. Putting an age restriction on a fitness app is not right and neglects an audience that seeks to stay healthy and watch their health.

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