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Fishery Division
: Stop Slaughtering One Species and Poisoning Our Own

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For all of my 16 years of life I have been an animal lover. About six years ago I became very involved in animal rights and four years ago I stumbled upon the appalling documentary The Cove, directed by Louie Psihoyos. The Cove follows Richard O'barry as he exposes the dolphin slaughter that takes place in Taiji, Japan.

Long poles are placed in the water as fishermen bang upon them with hammers, the sound interferes with dolphins' communication and scares them, allowing the fishermen to herd them into an out of sight cove. A few dolphins are injured because a pod of dolphins never leaves behind an injured member. Once they are in the cove, they are netted off and stabbed. The dolphins bleed slowly and scream in agony, in front of their pod members. The water turns a deep blood red as the fishermen go around and stab each dolphin. An estimated 2,000 are killed each year in Taiji alone. The death of these beautiful creatures is a slow and painful one.

Many people ask me why it matters that dolphins are being killed. There are two main reasons. One being that dolphins are an excpetionally intellectual species, much like humans. Countless research has been done to show that dolphins have similar processes to humans, they even have names for each other just like humans do. Just recently India declared dolphins as "non-human persons" and their captivity has been banned. Fishermen are killing very intelligent and gentle creatures.

The second reason is that after the dolphins are killed, their meat is sold. Dolphin meat is extremely high in mercury content. Eating dolphin meat can cause mercury poisoning and possibly Minamata Disease. Mercury poisoning causes mental retardation, chronic diahrrea, pain, bleeding in the gums, teeth and mouth, deformities to fetuses still in the womb, damage to the nervous system and kidneys, etc. Minamata Disease also causes deformities, producing eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear. According to Dolphins, Mercury and Toxic Seafood by Examiner, 75% of human mercury exposure is from seafood. The average piece of Japanese seafood has .4ppm mercury content. Dolphin meat has 2,000ppm. Innocent people are being poisoned and most don't even know about it.

Please sign my petition to stop the unethical and cruel killing of an innocent species, and to stop the poisoning of our own species. Help me to raise awareness for an issue that should have long ago been addressed!

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: Stop Slaughtering One Species and Poisoning Our Own”. Join Sarah and 418 supporters today.