How Will The Commercial Fishing Industry Survive?

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My reason for starting this petition is to show our law makers that we care. We care about our industry. We care if it's sustainable. We care about our economy. We care about coexisting.

On April 9th, the fishing industry faced yet another potentially life changing decision. Judge James Boasberg ruled that the actions set forth by NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) violated the Endangered Species Act in regards to Right Whales. We now face a very real and very scary possibility of our industry being shut down for good.

On behalf of many New England fishermen and women, we ask that our voices are heard, and not just to be heard, but to be considered, and those not employed in this industry, we ask you to please educate yourself about the downfall this industry is facing. We ask lawmakers to think of the impact they have on our industry, on the men and women who work so hard to feed our families. We ask to find common ground, to be provided with factual evidence, and to coexist with the giants of the deep. 

Thank you,

A Fisherman’s Daughter