First Bus need to keep the 17A service

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Above image - The route of the 19 via Kelston to Bath, and route of the 19A via Keynsham to Bath. Image Credit: First Bus.

UPDATE: 5th November - REMEMBER, REMEMBER! The 19A starts soon...

After 2 months of no full bus service to Keynsham, the new 19A service will be launching on Monday 14th November 2016 - just over a week away! It will be operating Monday to Saturday, until around 8pm and the 19 will continue to operate on all days, including Sundays & Public Holidays.

There are no changes to the route of Service 19.

Similar to the 19, service 19A will operate between Cribbs Causeway and Bath. The route of the 19A is the same as the 19 service between Cribbs Causeway and The Grange School/Warmley. After this area, towards Bath, the 19A will use North Common (Mill Lane & Cloverlea Road area), then Oldland Common (High Street only), Willsbridge (Kenilworth Drive), Keynsham, then Bath Hill towards Saltford and then Bath.

Unfortunately, even after much begging by myself, First and South Gloucestershire Council will only operate the 19A through Oldland Common High Street, where there is now a bus stop. The 19A will not operate through the Oldland Village area - it will not serve the 4 stops along North Street and West Street. The nearest stops are The Dolphin in Oldland, or the High Street.

The 19 and 19A will operate hourly, but will operate around half hourly apart where the routes are the same (between Cribbs Causeway and Warmley/The Grange).

View the timetable on the First Bus website here -

GOOD NEWS FOR BITTON, KELSTON & SWINEFORD RESIDENTS TOO - Due to the new 19A that will operate via Keynsham, service 37 will change back to it's former Bristol to Bath route via Longwell Green & Kelston, rather than it's new route from Bristol to Bath via Longwell Green, Keynsham & Saltford.

This means that Bitton, Swineford and Kelston will re-gain it's direct connection to the centre of Bristol.

There will be no loss in frequency of service from these villages to Bath. Although the 19A will operate via Keynsham to Bath, the 19 will continue to serve these areas, and once again, the 37 will too.


RESULT! The help of this petition, and all of those who attended the council meeting have ensured we continue to receive a bus service to Keynsham.

I'd like to thank you all for signing this petition, and would like to thank Managing Director of First, James Freeman, and South Gloucestershire Council for their help in this.



First cannot axe the 17A. Axing this service will cut off vital connections to Keynsham for many living in Oldland Common, North Common, Cadbury Heath, Willsbridge and Warmley. South Gloucestershire Council should not be removing funding for this route either, in order for it to survive.

The route was introduced to these areas when First axed the 42 beyond Bitton to Keynsham - not even a year ago, in September 2015. The 17A was their promise to our area - a promise to keep a bus service to Keynsham, and to provide the area with a brand new direct bus service to Southmead Hospital. First are now breaking that promise.

Peak journeys are packed with those travelling to Keynsham for work purposes, for school, for further travel connections via Keynsham Rail Station, and it's used by college students who need to change at Keynsham to use Service 38/39 to get to St Brendan's Sixth Form College. 

If the axing of the 17A goes ahead, the only option to get to Keynsham by bus is to use Service 19 or 42 to Kingswood, to change to Service 17. The only other option is to walk to the nearest 17 bus stop - up to half an hour away, which is not easy for those less able to walk.

Please sign this petition. The 17A is a much needed bus route! We cannot be cut off from Keynsham, due to the actions of First Bus and South Gloucestershire Council.

Thank You!

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