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Contact your state legislators today and ask them to support a "First Strike and You're Out" law for those who are convicted of animal neglect or cruelty.

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Currently, most states have no mandatory requirements keeping those who are convicted of animal abuse crimes away from animals following their convictions. This is despite the fact that offenders have demonstrated, through their actions, their utter disregard for the welfare of animals, and that recidivism in some types of animal abuse cases can reach 100%.

Yet having an animal in one's life is a privilege, not a right - and with that privilege comes certain responsibilities, including the responsibility of providing adequate care and otherwise not abusing or neglecting the animal. The FIRST STRIKE AND YOU'RE OUT law drafted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund provides another tool to help combat animal neglect and cruelty by mandating that those who are convicted of a violation of their state animal protection laws are prohibited from owning or having contact with animals for a set period of time, ranging from five years for a first misdemeanor offense up to the lifetime of the offender following a second felony offense.

A FIRST STRIKE AND YOU'RE OUT law will also help reduce the huge economic toll that repeat offenders impose on their communities - animal abuse cases can be very costly, often requiring the cooperation of several local agencies.

Please support a FIRST STRIKE AND YOU'RE OUT law in our state for criminals who are convicted of animal neglect and cruelty. Such a law would:

- Separate offenders from potential new victims.
- Help to reduce future crimes against animals and save limited community resources.
- Set a period of time where offenders who have already demonstrated their irresponsibility with animals are not allowed contact with them.
- Address the near 100% recidivism rate for offenders like animal hoarders.

For more information on ALDF's model law, or for assistance in drafting a FIRST STRIKE AND YOU'RE OUT law for our state, please visit or contact

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