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My mom Lesliane Bouchard, a disabled teacher in California, may lose her home because her mortgage company, First Mortgage Corporation, refuses to participate in some of the federal programs that could keep her in it. 

She has been *approved* for the federal government's Hardest Hit State Fund, which would pay down enough of her principal balance enough to keep her in her home. But First Mortgage Corporation refuses to participate in the program, which is only optional for lenders.

Mom is completely bedridden due to a spinal injury that left her in constant excruciating pain. She had to stop teaching last year as a result, and her income dropped by 40%. Programs like the Hardest Hit States Fund exist to help people just like her, but they won't work if lenders won't participate in them.

Mom's current home is about the same distance from all of her adult children, enabling us to share the responsibility of caring for her. If she loses her home, it will be impossible to split duties, making her care much more difficult, and more expensive. 

Her home was in foreclosure until HUD put a 90-day hold on the proceedings. Now the time is just ticking away until mom is once again at risk of losing her home. Lesliane Bouchard should be able to live out her life with access to appropriate care and all her children. Please join me in demanding that First Mortgage Corporation keep her in her home. 

Letter to
CEO Mr. Clement Ziroli
First Mortgage Corporation
First Mortgage Corporation should do everything in its power to save the home of Lesliane Bouchard. Ms. Bouchard, a California teacher, became disabled following a car accident and had to stop working last year permanently. She is completely bed ridden due to a spinal cord injury, and her income dropped by 40%.

Many programs, such as those funded by the federal Hardest Hit States Fund, exist to help homeowners just like Lesliane, who through no fault of their own find themselves faced with incredible hardship. First Mortgage, however, refuses to do what's needed to keep Lesliane in her home.

I'm calling on First Mortgage Corporation to permanently modify Lesliane Bouchard's loan and keep her in her home.


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