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Recall the Belfast City Council

The Belfast Dog Warden's office is responsible for the removal of Lennox, a family dog ripped from his responsible owner's home. They kept this poor soul, a beloved companion dog to a young girl, hostage for 2 years. Then, on July 11 (some believe much earlier in direct defiance of a court ordered stay) they murdered Lennox despite a global outcry and offers of sanctuary. Even then, when they could seem to show no more indifference, this group denied the family a last visit and the right to claim their family member's body. 

This illegal and heartless episode is only the tip of an ugly iceberg. Inadequate medical conditions, horrible concrete enclosures, sawdust on concrete floors and woefully filthy stalls warrant the closure of each and every so-called shelter facility in Belfast, the re-homing of all inmates jailed there and the recall/dismissal of the entire council.

This petition was delivered to:
  • First Minister of Northern Ireland
    Peter Robinson
  • Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade
    Michelle O'Neil
  • First Minister
    Ian Paisley
  • Lord Mayor
    Alderman Robinson
  • Northern Ireland Ombudsman
    Tom Frawley
  • Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA
    David Cameron

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