Firing the entire Vancouver Titans Coaching Staff

Firing the entire Vancouver Titans Coaching Staff

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Since Vancouver Titans parted ways with the entirety of their 2019 Overwatch League lineup, the team has accumulated about thirty defeats for six victories. 

Yet, the team has seen many players pass through its ranks.

  • In 2020 the roster consisted of :
  1. Shockwave 
  2. KSAA
  3. Tsuna 
  4. CarCar
  5. Dalton
  6. ShRedlock 
  7. Roolf

The coaching staff consisted of : 

  1. Flubby 
  2. Pew 
  3. Justin 
  • In 2021 the roster consisted of : 
  1. LiNkzr
  2. Frdwnr
  3. Fire
  4. ChangSik
  5. Teru
  6. Roolf
  7. Dalton
  8. ShRedlock

The coaching staff consisted of :

  1. Flubby 
  2. Pew
  3. Justin 

It is from this moment that we can see a model taking shape. Since this trio was invested in coaching staff, nothing has been done for the team. The results have never been there, and for two consecutive years, Vancouver Titans has not existed within the Overwatch League. A week ago, Season 5 of the Overwatch League began. Welcoming a brand new roster for this new year :

  1. Aspire 
  2. Shockwave 
  3. Mirror 
  4. Seicoe 
  5. False 
  6. Aztac 
  7. Skairipa 
  8. Masaa 

One thing that hasn't changed is the coaching staff. Which still remains the same since 2020. Flubby, Pew and Justin continue to take manage the team. In one week Vancouver Titans played three games, they won none. The game against Florida Mayhem was the trigger for this petition. In less than an hour, Vancouver Titans were crushed, suffering a 3-0 run without reaction from them. The players look at the end mentally. They don't play, they don't go into their matches. While Vancouver Titans always has more budget, the coaching staff remains composed of the same incompetent. All spectators, former OWL players and coaches, Contenders players and coaches see it. It's time for that to change. For the past three seasons, the incompetence of the Coaching Staff of Vancouver Titans has ruined the careers of many players.


This petition may not go very far, but it is important.

It is impossible to let the coaching staff act in this way for one more season, while they receive more and more money over the years that pass. Many would be Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, Mental Coaches and even players would be willing to give a lot to integrate Vancouver Titans and help the team to obtain performances at the height of their level. I do not know where this petition will go, who will sign it and even if it will have an impact. But this situation cannot go on any longer and we must make our voices heard.


Thank you to everyone who will sign this. 


36 ont signé. Prochain objectif : 50 !