Stop fireworks

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The aim of this petition is to ask the government to not allow firework sales before 1st November and for them to stop selling on 5th November, for there to be no sale of fireworks after this date.

This is for the benefit of many animals who suffer from anxiety due to the noise the fireworks make and to stop them getting stressed unnecessarily months before Bonfire Night starts and afterwards when it can carry on towards Christmas and New Year. 

Many animals start to hurt themselves when stressed or anxious or can become destructive due to this behaviour. It is not necessary for fireworks to be let off other than on Bonfire Night. A law should be passed that makes it illegal for this to happen or a law passed that only allows firework companies to sell between said dates above.

I know there are many animal owners out there who feel the same so let’s sign this petition and share far and wide to get enough signatures for it to be heard in Parliament.