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Fire Satoshi Kanazawa

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Satoshi Kanazawa is an evolutionary psychologist who writes for Psychology Today. His column of May 17, 2011, was entitled: "Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?". Due to its racist and completely unscientific assertions about black women, it caused a massive uproar from the reading public and was quickly taken down from Psychology Today's website. That was a good first step; however, the rest of Kanazawa's blatantly ridiculous and misogynistic oeuvre remains on the site, and he continues to be employed by the magazine.

Take a look at this gem from Kanazawa, which was published by Psychology Today on May 8, 2011: "Why Men Lie Up and Women Lie Down." Here's an excerpt.

As I explain in an earlier post, modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary, and evil.  Modern feminists are wrong about everything.  The females of all mammalian species, including humans, always have more power than the males, and, in every human society, women are slightly better off than men are.  If there is anything that is bad or unkind to women, it is the space-time continuum.  The uniform and unidirectional progression of time – where time only moves in one direction and all of us uniformly get older – is the only thing that is detrimental to women and beneficial to men. 

Mr. Kanazawa's appalling ignorance about women's economic inequality, and the fact that one out of every three women is a victim of violence during her lifetime, not to mention his apparent inability to understand that women "in every human society" are not, in fact, better off than men are, could possibly be excused, if he were just a random sexist pig. But Psychology Today has hired this man to talk about women as though he has some expertise on the subject. Clearly, he is not qualified in any way, shape or form to do so.

Please help stop this misogynist from preaching his sexism and racism to Psychology Today's audience. Sign this petition to request that he be fired immediately, and his articles removed from the website.

Thank you very much.

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