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Fire Pat Skorkowsky

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In the last three years, there have been 31 arrests of CCSD employees for sexual misconduct with a student.  You can watch the special report by FOX 5 Las Vegas attached to this page to learn just how out of control this problem is.

On April 3rd, CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky spoke about these arrests and warned school district employees that "we are not going to tolerate this behavior".

Really?  It took THIRTY arrests over three years for him to ISSUE A WARNING? That is PATHETIC.  Our children deserve better.  In the very same speech he MINIMIZED the arrests by commending the more than 40,000 employees who are dedicated law-abiding workers.  

The performance of the CCSD academically should be enough reason to terminate this superintendent who was hired with ZERO experience as a Superintendent.  The 5th largest school district in the nation--a school district that was at or near the bottom of every academic category and we hire someone from within the mess who had ZERO experience.  This was after the School Board pulled a fast one after sending a survey out to parents prior to a nationwide search--then not doing the search but instead hiring from within.

Beyond the academics lies the safety of our children.  It shouldn't matter if there are 40,000 employees who are law abiding--10 arrests per year in each of the last three years for sexual misconduct with our children is insane.  After THIRTY arrests all Skorkowsky can do is warn district employees that "we will not tolerate this kind of behavior".

You are right Pat. We--the parents--will not tolerate this kind of behavior.  The leader of the CCSD should be held responsible just like any other leader of a company or organization would be if these same problems surfaced in their organization.  We--the parents--are calling on each and every CCSD Trustee--the Trustees WE elected--to immediately FIRE CCSD SUPERINTENDENT PAT SKORKOWSKY.

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