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Petitioning Fire Julie Bank of NYC ACC for killing adoptable animals.

Julie Bank Must be fired for the continued killings of innocent animals.

Julie Bank needs to be stop, she is killing and destroying adoptable animals. She is committing acts of animal cruelty.Julie Bank has authorized the killing of dogs that have had rescue or adopter holds on them. Julie Bank has cut the phone lines to the shelters as a way to save money. How are people supposed to call in and adopt if there are no phone lines? Julie Bank fired employees who were using social media to try and save dogs. Emily Tanen, was a paid employee of NYC ACC that started two years ago and was the only employee in the three ACC shelters to take pictures of dogs. In fact, she was routinely criticized and reprimanded for spending her time using her camera to save lives. The shelter preferred they just use the horrific intake pictures instead, wrongly thinking that New Hope staff didn't need to meet the animals; they're task with placing. Emily was the only New Hope staff member to partner with volunteers to make sure every dog on the list had photos taken every night, as well as a bio and a beautiful plea to fight for them. She stayed late into the night, refusing to stop working until each death row dog received a fair chance. That level of caring was frowned upon when Emily was there, and is now gone entirely from the New Hope department. Emily would communicate with volunteers regarding which dogs needed bios and pictures the most, the current New Hope staff has nothing but contempt for volunteers, and would not be caught dead staying aJulie Bank thinks its ok to euthanize animals as its the right thing to do. Julie Bank is a criminal and has fired two of the best volunteers within their system. Its time for change and we need your help. You will be speaking for the dogs within NYC ACC and all over the county. Shelter operators such as Julie Bank need not to exsist, and she needs to be fired. With you signatures we can show officials that she needs to be stopped and that we, the people, won't stand for this.

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