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Fire JJ Humphries & Bryan Cook, Principal & Assistant Principal at Lake Hamilton School District for kicking a gay teen out of his dance.

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Petition: I signed this to petition Lake Hamilton School District in honor of Gavin Combs a Junior High student at your school. Who was removed from his public school dance for no reason at all. I disagree with the actions that your school has committed. I ask that you remove/fire assistant principle, Bryan Cook and principle, JJ Humphries from their positions. In regards to their anti-gay actions of removing a gay teenager from his Junior High dance.

Are we required to put sexual orientation in our non-discrimination or harassment policy? 

No. But that does not mean that you can discriminate, or turn a blind eye to harassment. If your school is public, federal law prohibits discrimination and harassment based on prejudice against lesbian, gay, and bisexual students or teachers. If you get federal money, federal law forbids sexual harassment against lesbian, gay, and bisexual kids. Some cities and states also have their own laws that forbid sexual orientation discrimination.

Student Classifies himself as Gay. We as a nation need to stop stereotyping people if you classify yourself as straight, gay, bi, or transgender. You are as you classify yourself to be. Gavin Combs classifies himself as a gay human being. 

Lake Hamilton School District: Junior High Handbook(Important Sections):

(Link to handbook:


Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated. Discrimination may be based on race, ethnicity,religion, culture, gender, or sexual orientation. Students engaging in or promoting such behavior will be subject to disciplinary consequences. 

Examples of "Bullying" may include but are not limited to a pattern of behavior involving one or more of the following: 

1. Sarcastic comments "compliments" about another student’s personal appearance or actual or perceived attributes, 

2. Pointed questions intended to embarrass or humiliate,

5. Demeaning humor relating to a student’s race, gender, ethnicity or actual or perceived attributes, 

12. Teasing or name-calling based on the belief or perception that an individual is not conforming to expected gender roles (Example: “Slut”) or conduct or is homosexual, regardless of whether the student self-identifies as homosexual (Examples: “You are so gay.” “Fag” “Queer”). 

Story of Gavin Combs (Junior High Student at a Public School):

I walked into the Junior High in my dress and heels. Then got into line to pay admission. I payed and got my stamped in. Next, I walked down the hall and passed the Assistant Principal (Bryan Cook). He said, nothing to me so I continued. Many of my friends came up to me and wanted hugs and tell me how pretty I was. I felt so accept and able to finally be myself. Then, Bryan Cook (Assistant Principal) said for me to come to them. They told me I had to leave or that they will not allow me here. He then stated that I was making a scene. They then had my stand over to the side were all the employees where taking photos/video's. They then stated that I should be all over the news for how I looked, the statements hurt me deeply. More and more people came up to me as I was standing against the wall telling me again, that I was gorgeous. Then, while this was going on I was calling my mom because I didn't know what else to do. I told her that they said I could not be here. Then, Principal, J.J. Humphries escorts me down to the front of the building. Where, my mom and older sister where. Then, Bryan Cook (Assistant Principal) came and my mom told them that I was making a scene. She said, "Well he is doing nothing wrong." They said, "We will not allow 'it' here. He can either leave or we will have him removed." My mom said she would contact lawyers and the media. They said, "Okay and to have a nice day." (Sarcasticly). We then left. After I left I felt sad and unaccepted by my own school.... I hope you consider signing my petition so this never happens to anyone else. 


School statement via email:
"A situation took place this past Saturday evening at a non-academic extracurricular activity at Lake Hamilton Junior High School involving a male student cross dressing in a dress and high heels. The student was denied admission to the dance. Without prior knowledge that this was going to take place, the building administrators made a spur of the moment decision based on an attempt to avoid a possible harassment and bullying incident and that they felt this was not appropriate attire for this activity. As superintendent, I was consulted and approved of their decision."


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