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Animal cruelty is Never acceptable. And we will not now nor ever allow our tax payer dollars to pay for such heinous acts.


Jamie P. Olson, accused of allowing dogs to tear to shreds, animals that are caught in traps.

An "employee" of Wyoming Wildlife Services......
Apparently, this is standard for the way they handle things in wildlife services

8 months of investigation, and still this man works for them. Has not been fired, and no results in the investigation. 
EIGHT MONTHS! Plenty of time to realize this guy needs to be fired, even prosecuted for such a heinous act.

Letter to
Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilisack
USDA Investigator on the case of Jamie P. Olson Carol Bannerman
In the case of Jamie P. Olson. For allowing dogs to attack and mutilate a trapped Coyote, while on duty with the Wyoming Wildlife Services.

It has been 8 months since the investigation started. And it appears that nothing is happening. Accept the usual run around. And excuses as to why not. In fact, this man should be prosecuted for the animal cruelty he committed. For a person such as this has to be mentally unbalanced to enjoy watching such a disgusting attack on a defenseless animal. FBI statistics show that those who abuse animals. Inevitably end up turning on people as well. Which leaves him a danger to society as well.

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