Fire Dr. Mindy May, Stand with Survivors

Fire Dr. Mindy May, Stand with Survivors

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Why this petition matters

Over the course of the last several years and most notably within the last few weeks, disturbing accusations have been made about Cedarville University and its handling of sexual assault allegations. The theme seems to be the same: a student is assaulted and that survivor is blamed, shamed, and often driven out of Cedarville’s community.

The priority seems to be Cedarville’s image rather than people made in God’s image facing unspeakable abuse.

Since most sexual assaults occur against women, the majority of allegations are dealt with by the Dean of Women, Dr. Mindy May. According to dozens of students, Mindy May has played a key role in Cedarville’s disregard for the safety and justice of its students. She has questioned survivors’ truthfulness, denied them safe housing, and pushed them out of the Cedarville community.

Her poor handling of allegations is not limited to sexual assault. In areas of mental health, Dr. May has reportedly questioned the validity of students’ struggles and discouraged them from seeking any care outside of Cedarville University. She has too often failed to be a source of support and care for women but rather a source of judgment and disregard.

Dr. Mindy May does not constitute a Biblical leader for women. Instead, she has unfortunately and egregiously failed to protect and support the women of Cedarville University.

Dr. May failed to protect a student facing harassment.

Dr. May refused campus housing for a student who had been sexually assaulted and had nowhere to go.

Dr. May—an unlicensed counselor—supervised licensed counselors while acting as the Dean of Women, which is illegal and a clear conflict of interest (a concern expressed by the Faculty Council to the President).

Dr. May discouraged a suicidal student from obtaining emergency care and, after she was sexually assaulted, the university required the student to sign an NDA 

Dr. May has refused counseling to students who have been sexually assaulted.

Dr. May has questioned the validity of multiple survivors’ claims by asking if they provoked attacks.

Women do not feel safe on this campus with Mindy May as the Dean of Women. Neither men nor women trust her ability to justly handle issues of discipline, teaching of Biblical womanhood, or safety concerns such as mental health struggles and sexual harassment or assault. Parents cannot feel secure sending their children onto Cedarville’s campus.

Because of this, Dr. May must resign or be removed from her position effective immediately. We do not want to needlessly slander Dr. May, but we do feel she must be held accountable for the tragic oversight that has taken place under her watch.

It’s time to dismiss Dr. Mindy May.

850 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!