Petition Closed

District Attorney, We, the citizens of this community and abroad know, for ceratain, that in no way were Erick Gelhaus actions justifiable when he killed Andy Lopez.  Never, was Andy Lopez a threat.  Never, was the air soft "gun" pointed at Gelhaus.  Never, was Andy Lopez aware of who was yelling at him.  Never, was Andy Lopez given a chance to turn around.  Never, at any time, or in any way, can Erick Gelhaus' actions be deemed justifiable.  We demand that you, being an elected official fufill your sworn oath, to uphold the law and to always protect and serve our community.  You must stand on the right side of the law, and with your community--arrest Erick Gelhaus!

Letter to
District Attorney Jill Ravitch
Supervisor District 5 - Board of Supervisors Efren Carrillo
Supervisor District 4 - Board of Supervisors Mike Mcguire
and 4 others
Supervisor District 3 - Board of Supervisors Shirlee Zane
Supervisor District 2 - Board of Supervisors David Rabbitt
Supervisor District 1 - Board of Supervisors Susan Gorin
Deputy District Attorney Victoria Shanahan (Deputy District Attorney)
Fire, Arrest, and Indict sheriff Eric Gelhaus, immediately!