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Firaxis Games: Hungary to Civilization!

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Firaxis Games' Civilization franchise is amongst the most known ones in the history of computer games, it is a prestigious and refined series. Several major civilizations as well as minor civilizations have been introduced in the game, from the United States to Songhai, from Germany to the Iroquois. However, an important country is missing from the game: Hungary.

Here is a short presentation about Hungary. Below the following text, it is possible to find our recommendations.

Hungary, a prominent country in Central Europe has been left out from the Civilization franchise yet. The country has given the world scientists like Teller Ede or John von Neumann, inventions like Rubik's Cube or the noiseless match, composers and musicians like Franz Liszt or Béla Bartók, great poets like Sándor Petőfi or János Arany, saints and kings like Stephen I or Matthias Corvinus, and the list could be continued for ever...

The country's cultural heritage is spectacular as well: the capital city Budapest is amongst the most beautiful and renowned city in Europe and the world, having many UNESCO World Heritage sites and astonishing architectural masterpieces like the well-known Parliament, Heroes' Square, the Chain Bridge, Gellért Hill and others. The city dates back to Roman times when the Roman city was called Aquincum, which is called Óbuda (meaning Old Buda) today. Divided by the river Danube, the city has a magnificant sight, and it is an important center of international commerce.

Hungary also have a marvelous countryside. Two major rivers, the Danube and the Tisza is flowing through the country, both having their own beauties. Hungary has the largest lake in Central Europe, lake Balaton, the favourite vacation site for the Hungarians. Though the country has no huge mountains, its hills and plains have flora and fauna unmatched in the world. The Hungarian thermal spas are amongst the best in the world, if not the best ones. Hungarian gastronomy is refined and world-known, with recipes such as the Goulash soup, Fisherman's Soup and the Hungarian Ratatouille (Lecsó).

Hungary's history is more than a 1000 years old, dating back to the so-called 'Honfoglalás' when the Hungarian tribes by the leadership of Árpád, and after a long voyage in Western-Central Asia and then in Eastern Europe, finally decided to settle down, and in 1000 AD, the Kingdom of Hungary was established. Hungary was amongst the most prominent kingdoms during the whole medieval era, protecting Europe from the Tatars and the Turks, and it was prominent as well during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1867-1918).

In 1918, Hungary lost the First World War and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was officially disbanded. As a consequence, about 71% of Hungary's territory was given to other nations in the Treaty of Trianon (1920), making millions of Hungarians driven out from their Motherland and shaping the borders of today's Hungary. These Hungarians still live there, even after a century of difficulties, and they shape the Hungarian identity too.

After all these facts, it would be utmostly ignorant to say that Hungary is not prominent or that it hasn't formed the face of Europe and the world. Because it is an important nation, it should be obligatory to become part of the Civilization franchise.




Below, you can find some major observations, positive characteristics of Hungary


Why would Hungary 'be cool' in the game?

1. Hungary was a cool civ during the medieval era!

At the time, Hungary was amongst the most important nations that ruled Europe. A thriving kingdom, with magnificant leaders such as Matthias Corvinus, who brought Italian and other cultures to Buda, making it one of the bastions of the Renaissance age.

2. Central-Europe is cool!

Hungary is situated in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin, and the game lacks Central-European civilizations (even by counting the Polish). Geographically speaking, Hungary is a very well-deserving choice for sure.

3. Hungary is thriving!

In Hungary the number of Civilization gamers is growing day by day. Since the fall of Communism (as we call 'Rendszerváltás' in Hungarian, meaning 'changing the system'), we successfully integrated to Europe, and being part of the European Union, we contribute to Europe every day.

4. Science is with us!

Hungary is well-known for its many scientists, and its scientific contribution to the world, making the country an excellent choice for a science-centered civilization, which is almost impossible to find in the Civilization franchise.

5. Hungary can be found in most major modifications!

A Hungarian Civilization can be found in almost all the major Civ-mods, like Rhye's and Fall of Europe, Rise of Mankind, Varietas Delectat, etc. the list could be continued for long. The fact shows that the international Civfanatic community appreciates our country.


The Hungarian Community has already made an awesome mod about Hungary, with Unique Unit, Unique Building, Leader, Colors, etc. Perhaps these can give some clue on where to start to the dear developers.

The link can be found here, on Steam's Workshop, if anyone's interested:

The mod is very detailed, it would be good to start with and would save a lot of research which otherwise would have to be done.


As you can see, Hungary is a delicate choice, and it's no problem at all if the game contains too many European civs, it just makes the game rich and much more diverse which should be the primary goal of a game called 'Civilization'.

On behalf of the Hungarian Civilization Community, I would like to ask Firaxis Games to appreciate our efforts to get our country in Civilization. Please understand that this initiative is a plea of hundreds of players who have signed this petition by their own will.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Blazsek

loyal fan of Civilization and co-administrator of the Hungarian Civilization Community

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