Add Ukraine or Kyivska Rus as a new nation to Civilization VI

Add Ukraine or Kyivska Rus as a new nation to Civilization VI

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Почему эта петиция важна

Автор: Alex Kozack

For decades, racism, or Russian Imperialism, has been spreading propaganda about the greatness of its nation, that they are a great and ancient people, and that everyone else is just their descendants.

Russians call themselves "Big Brother" for neighboring nations. This is most felt in Ukraine.

For the past 400 years, Ukrainians have been constantly subjected to suppression  when Ukraine was part of the Moscow Empire, then the Russian Empire, and then the USSR. Ukrainian languages ​​were banned, Ukrainian figures were destroyed. They forcibly planted their own culture. They committed genocide against the Ukrainian people.

And all this continues today. Russia is massively promoting the idea of ​​their exclusivity. They appropriate the property of other peoples who have been repressed and destroyed. They promote chauvinism and cancel the existence and history of neighboring nations.

One of the most popular theses: Kyiv and Kievan Rus were founded by Russian tsars. That this is not a separate nation, but only one of the regions of Russia. And Russian imperialism promotes the idea of ​​"uniting all Russian peoples into one state," which was "tragically divided."

Sadly, the gaming industry often believes in this myth. But recent events in the world show the truth. UKRAINE IS NOT RUSSIA! Kyivska Rus has a much older history. The whole history of Ukraine is the history of the struggle for its own independence and identity. And now, they are showing it like never before.

I am writing this petition and call for an end to the identification of Ukraine as "Part of Russia" and Kyivska Rus as "Ancient Russia". Ukraine deserves recognition, education of its history, its nation, its independence. I call for the addition of Ukraine or Kyivska Rus as a separate nation, with its leaders.

1 065 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 1 500