Removal of mandatory swedish in Finnish schools.

Removal of mandatory swedish in Finnish schools.

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Leo Pesonen started this petition to Finnish Government

First off, I have nothing against Sweden itself and it's people. 

There's a surprisingly big problem finnish schools, and that's mandatory swedish. I, Leo Pesonen am here to explain how teaching swedish in Finnish schools is basically a big waste of time and resources.

It's not useful in the daily life of a Finnish person

If you ask a average finnish person how many times they've had to use swedish in their life outside of school they usually answer once, maybe twice or even never. That's right, we don't use it so why do we have to learn it?

Most people don't like learning it.

Ask a Finnish student, any student who is being/has been taught swedish if they like it. Most of them will say no, only a really small percentage of people will say yes.

So most people don't like it, and even more people never use it. These two points alone should be enough but there's more, so much more.

There's about 250 Finnish kids towards 1 Finnish swede on average that study swedish. Why do 250 people have to study swedish for ONE finnish swede, especially when 45% of the Finnish swedes speak Finnish nearly perfectly? Sounds ridiculous, you might say. That's because it is.

Also, did I mention that only 5% percent of Finlands population is swedes, and that number is decreasing.

Also also, the success of the teaching isn't good. Here's some numbers: 5% of Finnish population speak it as a first language, 3% excellently, 12% are good at it, 25% speak it okay, 29% are really bad at it but know something and 26% of people basically don't know how. That's not good considering the amount of time wasted on it.

So, we are forced to learn swedish in schools, because we have to use it in school. 

There's alot of other huge problems with this 50 year old system and something has to change. I have to give some credit to Pettämätön logiikka and his YouTube video on The subject. This video is more or less a joke but the points that it presents still stand strong.

Solution to this problem is in my opinion simple. MAKE SWEDISH OPTIONAL. Make it so that you could still study swedish if you wanted but you would be able to choose something else instead of it.

So I ask you to sign this petition to help Finnish teenagers and kids.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!